Everything will not come to an end  but will soon come to an end. Where are we going? Where is our destination? Whose path is right? As a matter of fact, I am not writing to mar the beliefs created but to instigate them in an advanced way, because the past beliefs are needed to formulate some criterion of man’s perception. An instantaneous miracle is what man has been seeking but who can provide this miracle?
   They have turned their maker into a magician,because of this belief, to be calm is to be lazy. All what they are agitating for is an immediate performance that will make them go gaga. Aren’t tired of our chameleonic ways? Whose side are we? We have to be critical in decision making coupled with our self autarchy. Yet, a miraculous captivity is what they are using to cajole us into deception. Our consciousness must be engulfed with a crucial thinking.
    Truth is still looking for truth but, who can define truth? Even Truth is not loyal to herself , so she is looking for a good definition from man whose standards are full of deception. We must ask again, who can define truth? Truth has now been covered with a miraculous captivity, we no longer want to see facts. We must not be subdued by the expressions of those who are under a spell of chameleons.   

   “When you are under the law of interpretations,you tend to create your own meaning”


Akinrulie Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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