What is a person is different from Who is a person. The former connotes beyond identity while the latter connotes your identity. It is now hard to know an original person. Can a fake person be in existence?. If that should be the case, what and who is a person? “—-Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


   If you have the problem of identity you might find it hard to respond to this question, it is not because you can not answer it but, it will look ridiculous to you by asking that,” are you a person “. At times, you tend to see people who behave like animals, even animals can be personed, and act like human beings. If a person is an individual who has an attribute of a human being, can we regard such a human being as a person?. I have guessed and rationalised coupled with several researches in the quest of knowing who a person is but, I discovered that, I can not regard an animal as a person in as much as a person possesses a unique language which signifies clarity in all ramifications. Does that mean a person will be regarded as a person, if  he or she possesses a unique language?. Afterall,we have seen a person whose language is unique but, has no rational thinking. Yet, who and what is a person? Is it a human being? Is it a human being who acts consciously and unconsciously?. At times, you tend to behave irrational which will make some people to regard you as a  nonperson, there is no doubt the real identity of mankind is yet to be confirmed in this masked world. If the real self is the real self it would have been better, this is a world where man will continue to convince and confuse himself all in the name of identity. Are you a person?


  As a matter of fact, as I am writing this article, am I a person? Am I a human being? I can be a human being without a rational thinking but, if I can think sensibly, then, I can be regarded as a person. It is very pertinent to note that, everyone can be a human being but, it is hard to see a person, I am not saying that a person is not a human being. Truth be told, some animals behave like human beings these animals are making it difficult to know who a person is. Dolphin is the most intelligent animal in world, human beings are also intelligent. How do we distinguish this, since this animal shares one of the attributes of human beings? From the above thesis, we can see that there is need for us to know the concept of a person. Although, animals can not possess all attributes deposited in human beings, if there are more explanations to this issue it should not be in the game of life. It should be noted that, anyone who is called a person in a given society should have the capacity to think, must possess consciousness and unconsciousness, and the ability to reflect on past and present issues. Can animals do those things? If you are not satisfied with what I have been saying then, what and who is  a person? If we can not define the concept of a person, who else will do that? Even animals can not define themselves like human beings. How will you define yourself, if truly you are in existence? How  will I define myself?


” It is a huge concept, if  you are to  define yourself. But, success is always easy to mention. “—-Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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