If there is a sound from a graveyard, one should know that something is wrong. As a matter of fact, it is very conspicuous that a graveyard is always silent. But, in order not to elongate this introductory scenario I would like to emphasize on this : those in the graveyard couldn’t tolerate the decadence happening in the society, especially in the aspect of the youths. Hence, this is called a sound from the graveyard .’ – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.


The above subtopic should not be seen as a normal question, as some people have misconstrued it. We tend to be cajoled by the utterances of betterment which might not be profitable at the end, but it’s like the future is destroyed and over destroyed to the extent that whenever an individual talks about the hope attached to Nigeria as a nation he or she would hiss and embrace a dystopia thinking. Why is this so? What must have corrupted such an individual? As I express below :

I think everyone is selfish especially the leaders who are deceiving the Nigerian youths that they are the future or leaders of tomorrow, whereas this assertion is only in existence in their lips. If a Nigerian youth should have the opportunity to be a leader or handle any political post, what would be in his or her mind? Would he or she be kind to leave the path of his or her selfish past mentors? Yet, who is responsible for the future of Nigerian youths? The leaders can’t be exempted as they have caused a bad foreknowledge for the past, present and future. What we are envisaging now is, SELF. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua argues, some Nigerian youths are extremely frustrated, they have eliminated their loyalty and they have embraced brutality. Their eyes are red, their hearts are deep, their hands are stained with blood. They have been pushed to do all these things, because in Nigeria it is the survival of the fittest. It’s either you dance to the tunes or they tune you in, or you find your way to the top. What choice do you think I have as a youth? Who cares? In a country where justice is no longer a regular thesis which has allowed injustice to be lucrative in our contemporary society, what else is left for our children? What future are we building? A new one or a corrupted one which has been our daily routine?

Furthermore, as a writer I am not exempted for this act, because I am also a youth. As a matter of fact, mankind is the basis of corruption, and he who is living in this world must continue to renew himself in truth everyday, if not, he might have fallen whereas he would think he has not. But, can corruption be terminated from ‘life’ without reflecting in man’s life again?

Honestly, I think Nigeria is sick and it’s as if nothing is working. The youths are frustrated and the elders are still thinking they have the best routine in the world by not allowing some youths to ship in their relevant ideas for the betterment of this nation. As a youth you have to know this :

Stop waiting for the government to decide your future, perhaps you are not part of their family. There is no way she would remember you, because greediness has taken over her. Kindly build your future yourself because you are responsible for your future.–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.

I am not  the first person to write about this topic, but at times some thinking should be reviewed, so that we won’t repeat our mistakes. I hope the reader is feeling the way I am feeling, truth be told, some youths are extremely frustrated, they have no option than to be fraudulent and be a vagabond spirit looking for who to devour. Should we blame them for this? Who should be blamed for this? Parents? Government? Or the youths? At times, I feel this country is cursed, or can we accord this to destiny or predestination?

You might think  you aren’t affected, thinking your parents are flourishing without an epitome of poverty, well, it’s good to be positive, but the essence of the future is to think deeply in your present situation so that the people in the upcoming future can favour all your generations. Have you not heard this common saying, “as you sow, you shall reap.” Why are we taking everything hard as if they would live forever? Yet, have we built a nation that would sustain us for life? We are hiring the same people with different views and with the priority of deceiving people to achieve their aim. Aren’t you tired of the word called sameness?

Hmm, let me ask the reader this question : can Nigeria be a world class country in 10 years time ? NOTE: If Nigeria must achieve this assumed PLAN,her present situation would determine whether she can,and if she can’t rectify issues like insecurity, unemployment, nonpayment of salaries, unstable electricity (etc). How would she  achieve this? The citizens are waiting for leaders who would solve all shortcomings once and for all, yet deception is what they see. Let eternity forfeit the agreed plan and come without permission, because the powerful ones have immortalized themselves as if they won’t die again. Why is this so?

The graveyard is not silent anymore, people at this location have become noisy especially parents who left their children untimely. They are afraid that the future of their children and youths is not save, as a matter of fact, the only way to fight for those that are alive is to come to life, but he who is dead should maintain and sustain in the land of the dead. Who is responsible for the future of Nigerian  youths? Who will fight for them?

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua explains,” if youths must build an everlasting future that would benefit them and their children, they should forget the bad deeds of their forefathers and existing fathers, they must not use those bad deeds to act,or use them as a foundation rather they should proffer some solutions which would take them to the land of fruition.

If these youths don’t take responsibility of their future,who will? If no one is helping you, will you sit and relax? Let’s be sincere with ourselves as I explain below :

The enmity in this country started when Nigeria gained her independence,as tribalism became the formation of political parties, everyone wanted to dominate and become the most influential. They forgot to create a future for all, which all citizens would benefit from. To aggravate this instability, despite the establishment of political parties to liberate the people, these leaders embraced hatred and they became intoxicated with the usage of power. Now, the youths are the ones suffering the created foundation of deception. How do we solve this unfortunate story?

If we trouble ourselves about the future too much we might not be able to arrive at the point of accomplishments. We should know that everyone in this country is facing his or her problems, because no body cares. What you know might not count at times, but those with cogent connections would easily be given an easy ticket which might be consequential. From the few points I have given,are you convinced that you are responsible for your future? For proper understanding let me make a common example. Take a look at this :

If I chose to become X, I should have considered some  circumstances that won’t allow X to come to pass. Hence, I must be prepared to take the responsibility of actualizing X, in such a way that,I can’t blame the foundation, friends nor other things for not letting X to be realized. Remember, individualism is the real you, no one would assume your responsibility if you don’t.

From the above example I hope I have explained with brevity? If not, put yourself into an arena of assumptions and act as if you were, make sure you activate your mind and mental capacity because it’s only you who can unlock your hidden potentials. Although they are some naysayers whose mission is to discourage and tarnish you, but don’t be bothered ‘progress’ Should be your watchword. Well and truly, this would be like a situation of a salary earner who should be cautious of how he spends his salaries, if not, he might regret his actions in the future. If he lavished all his salaries, who would be responsible for it? This particular situation is synonymous to some youths who have refused to take their responsibility judiciously, yet they are spending their time to slay and impress, in the future they would lament woefully by saying,”our leaders should be blamed”.

I think my time is up,as I would end this short article with a simple postamble statement, as I put it below:

What part have you taken in making Nigeria a great nation? We have all been clamoring for betterment, but reverse is the case. Should we give up or be expectant that great things would fall on us? For how long are we going to wait for this? I would have loved to exempt myself from this conclusion, but in order to make it reasonable, I must relate with sanity and insanity. Honestly, many people have suggested different ways, but it’s as if the glory of this nation is static. Are we progressing or regressing? We are all living for ourselves and everyone wants to be superior and  elegant in all ramifications, once in power, you would want to be there forever. You would be accountable for your life someday , but you are responsible for your future until the real deal comes for her final evaluation. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.

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