Another word for whoredom is prostitution. Some people tend to discriminate if a prostitute is seen, perhaps, this is a profession that pleases some. ” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


Have you ever asked what led them to this profession? You tend to criticise when you are nothing, because you feel everyone should act the same way like you. If everyone were to act the same way, the world would see no changes. Moreover, these prostitutes might like the profession willingly. In other words, it might be, they were not forced to embrace prostitution. Prostitution has become a taboo within human society, prostitutes are regarded as an empty vessel whose future has been impeded. As a matter of fact, this discrimination provoked my consciousness even, my unconsciousness reconciled with my consciousness to produce this article. Why must you harm them? Why must you castigate them? Although, it has been argued that the circumstances of life persuaded some women into this profession. I can not dispute that , but, is this not better than stealing? It should be noted that, there is always a negative side of life.


If Miss X derives pleasure in her profession, and this is not affecting your body. Why must you discriminate? It is very pertinent to note that, this set of people who criticise do not even have a purposeful life, that is, prostitutes are more significant in the stride of sagacious thinking than them. In lieu of this, you tend to castigate them immediately without knowing what Miss Y is experiencing. You tend to judge others by your criterion, every area of your life has been tinted and equipped with a critique that can not be measured. Remember, the world will be static, if one profession were to be in existence, after all, they might be playing a role related to the predestined life. How about that? The time beckons, where a whoredom city will take over the mantle of leadership, there will be no choice but, to succumb to the undesired desire. If the consequences of this whoredom are to be judged, it will be on them. Let theseprostitutes live.

As for religion, you have caused enough religious conflicts, do not add your opinion to this issue . AsĀ  a matter of fact, religion should be arrested for corruption. “—-Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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