It is said, that when you spare the rod you spoil the child. Does this mean the rod will amend the ways of that child in order for him or her to be responsible? Whereas some parents have beaten their children mercilessly, yet they have refused to be responsible. Who is to be blamed? Parents? Peers? Society?

Where is the world going? What is the world turning to? The issue of moral decadence has become a contagion in our contemporary society, I don’t think there would be next generation. If there would be, what morals would they meet? This is not applicable to children only, the elders are also included, however, to use the rod in this context is not to beat an individual to coma, but the inability of parents or guardians to use cogent words to correct some wrongdoings must be frowned at.

Akinrulie Opeyemi laments,”the world is really growing, children see different things on social media, especially some adult displays which are meant to be privatized. Do not forget that what they see will surely manifest when it comes to sexual contents, it works so fast and gives one a second thought of that prima facie. If discipline is lost, then, what would such an individual or child do? Would he or she not be a partaker of the feast of moral decadence? It’s a pity that in this contemporary world those who are ready to restore morality are often seen as wicked souls, which means; “evil is good, good is evil”. Isn’t it?”

I have tried to understand the establishment of this world and the intention behind, yet I am waiting for that day where she would totally be replaced. Children are going gaga and wild, some have backslidden from their good acts as they no longer have respect for their parents or guardians. Some have no regards for elders since some of them are not pure in the quest of restoring the dignity of morality. Who would beg morality to come back to her place? Indeed, she has lost her trust in mankind since there is no unity within. Hence, immorality became the ruler and things fell apart, perhaps you can ask Chinua Achebe(the great novelist)

How about musical videos and movies involving sexual contents? How about sexual talks? How would these children survive all these?

Have you ever wondered the cause of immorality? I have been trying to know the reason why immorality has become a popular ruler within our society, well in my own opinion kindly take a look below

I feel the existence of this world has grown beyond mankind, as you are battling your own, your kids should also be considered. If your children are not properly trained the opposite side might come for them, some might say, what if I did not have the capacity to cater for them. let this be clear, “money is not everything, talk to them rigorously; remember, words are powerful.”

Once again Akinrulie Opeyemi exclaims,”these children have been deceived by cartoons which are tinted with fake morality. As a matter of fact, their parents or guardians might not be able to see it, because it’s a strategy created to lure them into the world of Jezebel. I am afraid that the world would soon collapse and vanish, and I am begging whosoever is in charge to be calm because the children of Jezebel are still in deception, thinking it’s the right way.”

Would they come back home? Would they listen to the speech of morality? However, what I am concerned about is the way some parents or guardians tend to use a rod or cane to correct their children in order for them to follow their stipulated policy.

Has this method worked? In some cases, it has worked, but if beating connotes success, then, some would have made it. If words could change people, then, some would have been at the zenith of their career. Even if one should adopt these two methods, how are we sure they would contribute to the growth of such an individual?

Don’t let me divert your attention to another thing, perhaps I am not a married man maybe someday I would consider the concept of marriage in order to experience how to upbring a child. It’s not the case that you must marry for you to know how to train a child, but marriage gives you the sense of responsibility as assumed by some people.

I think I am getting too far, I don’t type more than 2,000(Two-Thousand) words, because of the reading culture which I have been clamoring about for years, so I stay within that paradigm, but that does not mean I can’t go beyond. The readers should also be put into consideration, especially in this global world. Let me put this article to an end and leave the readers to criticize and share their thoughts as regards “children of Jezebel”.

Akinrulie Opeyemi writes,” I hope you have understood all my analyses as regards this article, at times I have a lot to say and discuss, but can one reason beyond his maker? When a child is growing try as much as you can to train him judiciously, never let him to be afraid of you because they are some secrets within him to be unveiled, but your ability to cajole him with calmness would win his heart. In addition to this, know his friends and locations, don’t forget that friends are very influential than parents or guardians, although you might say this is strange, the world gives the unexpected. Every stage should have is approach. To cap this aphorism, children of Jezebel ,are you willing to return? Are you ready to listen to the good words of your parents or guardians? If you are, it’s not too late to come back to your source coupled with a remorseful heart. Destroy your pride and your nefarious acts, nobody is above correction. Finally, I have spoken like a novice whose thinking needs to be upgraded, but if you want to have a child create a future for him before his arrival. If not, Jezebel would be glad to have him.”

It is written,”train your child and he would give you rest.”

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