I can’t hide this, it is impossible for me to keep this moment. How I wish I could fly on my own to see God personally. But, I have a dream that one day I will see Him, so that He can give me the true definition of freedom. I am dejected and perplexed, no wonder some people are committing suicide. Is that an option? Once again, where is the freedom? Real or fake? I have placed my mind on eternity, and if it fails, then what hope do I  have? Does it mean the world will continue to recycle all things? As a matter of fact, take a glance at the following questions :

 What vision do I have in this life? What age will I make it? What is the definition of a successful man? What am I going to do with life? Is the grace enough to rectify my life? Who will save me? Man? Society? Friends? Who wants to help? Somebody or nobody? How will I survive? Should I exit this world? Or I should continue striving for survival? All these questions are currently on my mind as I am writing this article. I am crying internally, I feel I am not really at a good point in my life. What do I do? I have a dream coupled with a good vision, some people might say, Philosophy is affecting my thinking, but it’s for a purpose. Can something be without appealing to something?

   Hence, it’s for a purpose. I can’t know everything, but the little I have acquired I have been putting it into practice. I feel deserted by the society, I feel impeded in my heart. I heard that hardwork equals to success, but it should be “hardwork and grace”  equals to success. I have been trying to figure out my life, but I discovered my true autarchy when  I was an undergraduate which I said to myself that, “I will become a professor”. I hope this dream will come to pass soon. Impatience is a disease she might tempt you to misbehave in order to forfeit your dreams. Yet, I have always been hearing this, “God’s time is the best”. I want the audience to remember this, “death radiates without time“.  What choice do I have? Where is freedom? Hidden? Or alive?

   If I should commit suicide, it will pain nobody, perhaps I am not a popular man. The funny thing  is, it is easier to become popular when one is dead than when one is alive. Social media will publicize such an individual without demanding for money, who can wrestle with the dead? Honestly, it’s a mayhem which I can’t hide. As long as I live I will continue to push till something happens, but how about grace? How about destiny? Will it come out as I have thought? I am not doubting, perhaps what is the purpose of mankind if not to doubt?

    Well and truly, very soon we would all vanish from this world in order to give an account about how we have used our freedom. Even the freedom given to us is being monitored for the purpose of judgment. Hence, where is freedom? In an arena where freedom becomes dependent, then it is not freedom. Where is my freedom? Where is your freedom? Is good or bad part of my freedom which I can choose within? My heart is heavy and I am really wounded, not everyone that laughs is happy, such an individual might be faking it. Who cares about what you are battling? All they want to see is your accomplishments, so that they can party with you.

   At some point in one’s life, you might not have the opportunity to think rigorously, so whatever opportunity you see should be utilized. Has freedom hidden herself, so that she can also be free? If freedom is seeking for freedom, then something is wrong. Life will only be interesting if someone is rich, only the rich will desire to live long, but people in penury will desire for an end to everything, yet the struggle must continue. Are you in or out? I want to be wealthy, I want to ride exotic cars, I want to live large and enlarge my coast, yet I am waiting for God’s time. When? What time will it be?

  Let the doors of heaven be opened, let those in heaven listen to the lamentations of an orphan. Let them be aware of my thoughts, let them rescue me and reward me for my good deeds, let them forgive me, if I have offended anyone.  I  am weak, but I must move on, I am always at a corner thinking deeply. Do I have a purpose like this? If I  don’t believe in myself, who else will? I have concluded that no matter what happens I must be strong and be vibrant. What else will I say? I have cast myself for the future, but I hope she will be fair enough to buttress me with good fortunes. Freedom where are you?

 If freedom should go on exile, what would you do? Come back to us if you are still on exile,because in a society where freedom is absentia, dynamicity  will be staticity. 

 What is going on? Is freedom angry? Has she been carried away by the worldly displays? Let’s be sincere to ourselves with some few words :

     “Freedom is an agitation whose mission is to make people realize their potential through the creation of consciousness in order to be liberated. Hence, your freedom is yourself.” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

 ” The return of freedom will be brutal, I guess she’s on exile.”


      Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 




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