I have heard several theses about gender equality, in fact, I became thoughtful because, women are still clamoring for equality in all spheres of life. I will be plain on this issue as I will treat it with a serious notion. But, will I be plain on  this issue?  Am I not a man? Will I favour men or women? “. – – – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


Can this cleavage be eradicated totally? For many years women have been clamoring for gender equality, this is  because they are the victims involved, no doubt their voices are audible just like a bell that rings. They want this equality to be entrenched into the world ‘s constitution immediately, but, it will be a long walk to actualizing this equality. If women still envy themselves, then, how can this equality be actualized? Are women United? The quest should be an adamant journey or a stubborn journey which will be an agitation of no retreat, no surrender, but, it is, as if women have forgotten themselves on this issue. If gender equality should be generalized, it should start within women.


It has been assumed that, behind every successful man there is  a woman. But, can this be found in this contemporary society? It might be the case that, this assertion became a  motivation for women to fight for gender equality which seems to be an existing illusion in an unrealistic world. It is  very pertinent to note that, the insolence structure geared towards women is also a crux that instigated the morale of women to clamor for gender equality. I am not saying that, gender equality is impossible, but, if they want equality, have they equalised themselves within? This means, men will behave like women, and women will behave like men. The question is, who will be the breadwinner? Even, what makes a gender oppositional is the name. In other words, the essence of  the word, “gender” is a division which are men and women. Why gender equality?


This issue should be given a serious attention, I am afraid that women might reactivate the dormant postulations established priorly. Men and women should work together for the growth and stability of the world. “——-Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

            “UNITE EVERYONE”

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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