What is really wrong in killing a child or an unborn baby? If an individual aborts a gravidity, can this be regarded as murder? What is the justification of infants killing and abortion?  During this process some might have terminated some glorious ones who may be a tycoon or a promising child. But, unfortunately the opportunity is gone.–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

I have tried to put myself in the shoes of an infant or an unborn baby. I was thinking about how painful it will be when a life gets terminated without consent. If infanticide and aborticide are to be justified as a good concept usually used to cut down expenses and reduce birth rate, then, can we say it’s  not  a murder case? If the aforementioned concepts(infanticide and aborticide) are legal, what will be the level of faith in GOD?Or your gods?  Haven’t we heard this : thou shall not kill?  If it is wrong to kill, then, infanticide and aborticide should be condemned. 

    How will Mr and Miss Y conclude within  themselves to abort a child who is innocent? A child who has been filled with happiness that he or she is coming to enjoy life and be successful, but unfortunately the journey was shortened unconsciously. What a despicable act. If Mr and Miss Y were to put themselves in the position of that child, how will they feel? If you don’t want it, why enjoying the sweetness when you can not bear the calamity? If life is a war, you must be ready to face it, not running away at the eleventh hour.

        It should be noted that in this scenario, one can not justify infanticide and aborticide as a true solution to the poverty level or financial level in our contemporary society. So far, it involves  life, it’s a murder case. We must not see a human life like an animal whose soul has no pattern and purpose. Perhaps, it is very pertinent to note that, because Mr or Miss A is a human being therefore, a purpose is given whether good or bad. In other words, killing a child means you have obstructed and terminated a mission designated to that unborn baby. What’s your view on infanticide and aborticide? If it’s good, then, get ready to terminate your children or infants close to you  in order to know how it feels. 

An author once asserted that abortion is legal since babies can not vote. If this is the case, are we going to wait till when babies can vote? Afterall they have to be sustained if they must vote, but in the case when their lives are terminated they will have no choice than to accept their fate  with pity. As a matter of fact, such act should be  cancelled because taking of lives without naturality is an atrocious scenario which is absolutely bad. If you want to tackle my arguments, remember it’s a life associated with purpose unlike an animal. Are you in support or against? 

      The  drums of deception are always truthful, we should take our time to investigate judiciously may be this is real. Truth might be a fake concept at times. In a situation where a life is taken without conscience for one’s benefit such an act is vicious . If the maker is in support of infanticide and aborticide then, we can deduce that it is good, but if, the supreme being fails to acknowledge these two issues then, there will be a prosecution. In other words, if the postulation is not stamped by the source, it will be regarded as a murder case. Remember, “thou shall not kill”. 

      Not all laws must be accepted, if infanticide and aborticide are legal, a sensible human being should be able to probe the Constituted authority for this approval. And if, this authority won’t listen. what can be done,is to satisfy one’s conscience with good deeds. Infanticide and aborticide will only be accepted if it won’t involve the termination of any one. It will also make sense if ‘life’ can be replaced. Since, it is impossible to actualize this criterion  thus, this is really wrong. What kind of help can you render to a bad idea? 

   What is bad has received an award of meritocracy. Some people are venturing into it as a normal thing without thinking about the outcome. If we want a solid future we must endeavour to stop infanticide and aborticide in order to see the right products that will govern our imagined future. But, in a case where termination of lives is  common. How do we tend to know the saviour? Even some would have killed the  rescuer of a nation. This is a  wicked world producing wicked people who are oppressing the good ones. 

     I am sorry because there are some unborn babies who are at verge of termination. As time approaches, we would discover the basic foundation formulated in vindicating our thoughts and ideas. Moreover, someone special created life and put us in life so that we may experience life but, some people are busy engaging themselves in infanticide and aborticide. We must show benevolence, not malevolence.  If the owner of life decides to display, who will stand? In as much as we have not seen the thing, we should be afraid of the unreal than the real. What’s on your mind?


 I was told  that the world is so small. Do not be deceived, the world is so big. If it has been argued that the world is big enough to accommodate. Why terminating the lives of many? You are living, yet,you do not want others to live. This self-centered mentality should be destroyed coupled with the orientation of infanticide and aborticide. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.   

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