Friendship should be about helping each other to grow in all ramifications, it’s not to be subdued by jealousy and villainous acts which have filled the hearts of many. In this article I would narrate two stories so that you will know my main Postulation as related to this subject matter. Be careful of fake laughter in this world because many people have been defeated by that, in addition, not all things are meant for publicity, learn secrecy from God.

How I wish I could exist all alone by myself, for myself and only myself. It’s a pity that I am already in existence, so the only way to cope is to avoid some things if possible and accept the inevitable.

Oppression is real, impression is another life. It’s part of success for one to showcase what you have acquired depending on the notion which is between “oppression and impression.” Yet within, friends versus friends even the real ones can still snitch. As a matter of fact, everyone has a price tag which you would stylishly accept. Isn’t it?

Have you heard about the story that happened somewhere in Nigeria?

Three young friends went for swimming, one of them is very rich due to his parents coast of wealth, so he paid for the gate fee for his friends too with his magnanimous heart,thinking, they have the same heart. They jumped into the swimming pool with merriment and euphoria, but suddenly the young man who is from a wealthy family started drowning, his friends couldn’t help him because of jealousy. Hence, he died in the swimming pool as his friends couldn’t help all in the name of envy.

Is it a crime to be rich or wealthy? Has it become a taboo to help others?friends killing friends, even some would deliver you for you to get killed. How about that? On your mind you would think she’s very painstaking about you not knowing she has bad intentions. What a world! Calamity has taken over the throne of conscience. How then can one escape from the ways of nefarious friends? Even if you keep quiet it’s as if their network is stronger than the spiritual predominance of this world as they tend to make a research on someone. I think idleness should be arrested.

They would smile and laugh with you, they would make a vow calling heavens and earth to bear witness. They would give you a hug, inspiring you with words of wisdom, but their minds are bitter and if care is not taken death might be invited to do her usual task on you. The armor of pretence has subdued their hearts and they have assumed the throne of deception, they have assumed the world as if it’s theirs. Hence, the downfall of a person is their priority.

We are friends, yet we deceive each other. Does it make sense? Why can’t we celebrate ourselves with an authentic heart and mind. Some people have argued that the world is so small, but I would rather say, the world is so enormous, let us make it real just like reality. As illustrated below about a story of ‘kipapo’.

There was a man named Kipapo in a town called Gajisaji, what made him famous amidst his friends was his kindhearted exemplifications in that community. Whenever he walks people hail him and even say, he’s the best amidst his friends.

Although,all these compliments didn’t subjugate his humility rather it encouraged him to abase himself. These compliments alerted some of his friends to gang up against him before he surpasses them in the community, these same friends were accommodated by Kipapo when they were homeless. These same friends were sheltered by him and he even shared his things equally in order not to cheat them.

Remember, if it were to be some people they would say, how can I share my things equally with those I am accommodating? Am I not the landlord? Why should I? What has Kipapo done? So his friends agreed and conspired to give him a tortured death.

Some friends would become your friends to stop the notion of friendship and replace it with envy which would lead to one’s termination out of life or within life. Did he deserve the conspiracy? Is it a crime for one to prosper? Instead of supporting their friend as he did to them when they were nothing rather they repaid him by torturing him to death until he gave up the ghost.

That was how Kipapo became a candidate of death as he couldn’t accomplish his mission and reap the fruits of his labor, especially his children and his newly born baby. His friends forgot what he did for them in the past, as a matter of fact, an ungrateful heart would always find a way to delete his memories so that he would accomplish his mission. What have they gained from this? Is wickedness interesting? Pleasure or what?

Who can one depend on? How would one survive in this world with dubious friends? Although some friends are harmful but we can’t say because they are, then we should separate ourselves from all. Who is dependable? You have concluded within yourself never to trust anyone again, you have thought about it over and over again. However, would you rather live in this world only or accommodate some loyal friends, but remember if you were the only one living in this world, it would definitely be a boring one. Isn’t it? Why not accept this standard and maintain with sagacity?

KIPAPO-OF-GAJISAJI was murdered by his trusted friends who he helped wholeheartedly. How about the case of that wealthy kid who was terminated as a result of jealousy? Don’t you think one needs to be careful in this world? People cried when KIPAPO died which is necessary for them, but the most painful part was the sudden exit of that young and promising boy who was left to die in the swimming pool without pity. Once again, be careful. Where should his parents start from?

From jealousy to hatred, from hatred to total condemnation. Who cares? It’s their joy to see you fall and not rise again, that is why some people don’t talk anyhow or leak their future plans to people, and even if they would do it. They would say them in parables and aphorisms in such a way that anyone who is not coded enough would attack at the wrong time.

We must not forget the fact that, one needs the support of friends to accomplish your proposed plans, but you have to balance it by knowing what to say at the right time because you can’t do all by yourself in as much as we say that friends are dangerous, you also need them to achieve some goals. Some would say, I can move ahead without the support of friends after all I have the support of “nature, family and God”.

Since you have concluded that no one can be trusted, even in human beings would God instill the act of grace and favor because he’s not a magician and he won’t come down. For you to receive all these you have to learn how to trust. Trust is a risk, betrayal is normal and loyalty is a decision. Who can be trusted?

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