Why should I be passionate  about others? Can’t  I decide to act exclusively? Why must I do this and that? What can the others  offer? Will they consider me too?
   As a matter of fact,those questions posited will no doubt provoke our interests  in knowing the right manners  to approaching some vital issues. We have been asking several questions whether we need to help others at our own detriment but even if we decide to help others. Will they  appreciate  it? At times,we need to think with scrutiny because a scrumptious meal might be dangerous. Some have decided to stop  helping others because at the end calamities always have a predominance section spontaneously.
    As the case may be, we have not thought of it judiciously but until the aforementioned questions are answered then,those situations attached won’t be solved. Yet we always  have pity to people  who won’t  consider us thus,we tend  to wait  for a reward from above. I hope the  above will remember with a necessary consideration.
   I can’t decide for others  who to help but those decisions given will be
monitored for a decider to decide. I guess we are not sleeping because when that  day will come even ‘come’ won’t be aware.
   I don’t write much hence,In solitude we are still experiencing a razzmatazz but this  frenzy atmosphere will nurture us and give us the right path. If helping others is right then,all would have been right in all ramifications but I am not saying  that helping others is wrong.
   Let those concerned make a decision
    By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
   “We must  believe in something if not,nothing ”

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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