I know I am empty but since expressions can’t be quenched. What will I do? I would have preferred to shut my thinking but to cease thinking, is to execute the essence of mankind. I hope the word called ‘privilege’ won’t be killed or assassinated because this is what keeps man in the spheres of life,I won’t subdue mankind with my expressions but every decision is to be made individually.
     Are we still searching for facts? Who told us they are real? Even facts can be created in order to give us sympathy. We are all sympathisers thus,let’s continue the task given to us as sympathisers,one day we would,could, and should. At this point I have nothing to say yet, I am still expressing as if there’s nothing but something is nothing,be nothing so that you will become something.
     We must not be confounded,I know some ways are complicated. They can’t be made easy because an easy way is a hard way. We have guessed and rationalised on matters but aren’t we tired? We can  quench the world,if we can know the unknown. Are we ready?
    By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.
    “We have been hindered by hindrances and the only way is to go back to that juncture”

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