If I am sleeping,  please wake me. If my thinking is wrong, please correct me. Evil and Good have brought uniqueness to this world. Willy-nilly, we have our choices to make but guided by a limitation which man can’t wrestle. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

     From the above quote will I bring my own arguments  as regards the concept of evil and good whereas some might use it interchangeably by saying, “GOOD AND EVIL”.   I am not writing this article to cajole or win the hearts of the masses but I am expressing in order to give my opinions about this ontological debate called, ‘evil and good’. I am sure that nobody will want to be in an auditorium of evil but if ‘good’ is given for free everyone will gyrate in her territory. Where is evil from? Where is good from? Their conglomeration or agreement would be like a mixed economy for the purpose of man’s realization. If I should tag God as evil, people will criticize my intention but if I should acknowledge God as the good one, people will jubilate with me without limits. Why is it the case that ‘evil’ has been attributed to man? Why is it the case that ‘good’ has been given to God as the supremacy? Hence, this is because His perfection can’t  be ridiculed. Yet I will ask this question, can’t I be like Him since He’s my Father? Mr X  wants  to be like his father. Or have we not heard this statement?  “Like father, like son.” Where there is evil, good will struggle and where there is good, evil will not struggle but their agreement will be fulfilled by death. What is the purpose of everything?  To be ‘good’as man implies perfection and to be ‘evil’ implies perfection. These two concepts in man makes him or her imperfect thus, man will continue to agitate for perfection. That is, man must claim or choose one side in order to obtain perfection. Hence, the presence of evil and good means imperfection. How about that? 

    If I have concluded to be good or evil, are my responsible for that? Is it the case that I am fulfilling and assisting a  mission which is unknown to me whether good or evil? How will I opt for evil and leave the good side? If truly this mission has been planned then I should not be blamed for my actions, in lieu of this, I should be appreciated for my contributions to life. This is also applicable to you. Isn’t it? If the genesis of evil and good  can be cancelled then people will rejoice afterall they will have the opportunity to choose the part and path they have been thinking. If natural disasters are regarded as evil, who will be responsible for these? God? Man? Devil? Man in his fear will quickly ascribe those evil occurrences to the devil since he has been named as a rebellious being. But,can the devil act and react without permission? Moreover, it is very vital to note that, what is natural is of nature. What is nature? Nature is the manifestation of what we can see but controlled by a supremacy greater than mankind. Are you still doubting? If you are a critical thinker without an extreme belief of religion you might get it right. As a matter of fact, fear might limit your level of understanding. Have you not seen the motto  of an “Acer laptop ” which opines “explore beyond limits”? 

        We are just struggling with these  two concepts because we do not know which is evil and which is good. What if at the end, evil was good and good was  evil. Can this be possible? We might think evil is evil and good is good , in such a way that we tend not to reason beyond because we think that should be a mere  definition for them. However, evil was created in order to draw mankind closer to the supreme being. It has been assumed that man lost his confidence when he disobeyed his maker thus, evil became a common issue and the only way to eradicate this, will be dictated by man. Must he be the one to rescue himself  ? Is it the case that his creator is napping? This can’t be. If  the creator possesses an absolute power then, He has the edict to change all evil to good. If that should be the case, why is man bothering himself to be good?  Do not mistake my arguments because I am not criticizing God. Afterall the concept of reasoning should be permitted. Nobody wants to be a friend to evil but if evil is not for man, who is evil for? Animals? Things? How do we tend to survive by being good when most of the  faces in this world are tinted with evil? 


When good things are happening in your life always remember that evil is at one corner planning to also join the party. You can not always have ‘good’ afterall  ‘evil’ is like a debt. Beg who is coming to be quick. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 

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