This article is not to promote suicide, but it is to examine reasons or causes of this trending subject matter which can never be forgotten. What is suicide? Why suicide? The aforementioned questions are common, but we all know what suicide has done to our contemporary society. Hence, suicide is a deliberate or an intentional killing of oneself. If that should be the case, there are some actions and intentions behind suicide.

She said, ” I am always under pressure. It’s either I conform,or I embrace endurance. This is becoming unbearable, I think it’s high time I said ‘a goodbye to the world.

some would say, forget the past and move on. Well, it’s true. But, can the past be forgotten, if it can be forgotten, then, there will be no need for memories and documentations. Yet, this world is not a place to be.

It is as if my life isn’t functioning. My life is static. Am I really progressing? I would have loved to compare my life with some people. But, ingratitude may lead to total annihilation. As a matter of fact, ‘compare and despair’ is a bad thing

I am dying inside gradually. When I am gone I know some people will use my pictures by giving me posthumous eulogies. The dead ones always have a special recognition. What a pity, death is always a star.”

Could it be depression? Could it be poverty? Could it be lack of money? Could it be as a result of different failures? Could it be the inability to cater for the family? Why is suicide an option?

As a matter of fact, some might be quick to castigate such an individual who committed suicide, but he who is not in such an individual shoe won’t be able to grasp the agony. That doesn’t mean that the pain will end rather you have also created a dirge for your family, thus, it’s another exit which might cause a breakdown. Have you thought of this? Why thinking of suicide?

Is it because things aren’t going your way? Is it because you have been faulted on several occasions? Is it because your boyfriend or girlfriend left you? Why is suicide an option? Let your tears be wiped, let your genesis be consolidated, forget your past and create the impossible.

What is good in suicide? Pleasure? Enjoyment? As a matter of fact, let me guess the mind of a suicider. As I put it below, kindly be attentive and follow each line with focus :

“Well, what is there in this life when my mates are making it, yet I am at one spot battling with myself. Is it not better to end my life and ease the stress of over thinking? I am diligent and truthful, I have self-confidence than my colleagues and I am very punctual, yet I can’t point at anything significant in my life. Is this not a shame? Let me take my life and end everything once and for all.” It is essential to note that, if one compares too much, one might be defeated forever which might trigger suicide.

The joy of suicide is not to create happiness because she has to meet her target, perhaps she must deliver. If that should be the case, why give suicide a chance to dominate you? Or is it because of the money you borrowed? Is it because of the comparison leveled on you? If you think you are invalid, then remember you are valid to some people.

Look I am in tears, I have read many suicide reports in 2018 involving youngsters and adults. The tiredness of life radiates in our mind on a daily basis, it’s either we succumb or defeat it, if not, frustration and depression are often regarded as tools of suicide. I had several suicide thoughts because I felt I was not progressing. Suddenly, I began to reflect on my previous articles on how I have been encouraging people to believe in themselves. So, if I commit suicide, would I not be regarded as an incompetent motivator who is hiding under the umbrella of deception?

I said to myself, “if I commit suicide I am a coward, even the world needs the brave ones.”

Even the issue of social media can’t be exempted from this subject matter, at times what you see is not what you get. When you let your life be on social media only, you will be in the realm of impression, not progression. Some people have committed suicide because of what they saw on social media saying, is that not X flourishing, we started together now X is beyond me, I would rather die than to see X take over me. A world of perfidiousness. Hence, Y Committed suicide but X is still in success. Who cares? Life doesn’t care when you are dead, because another department has taken over. Don’t impress life, impress yourself.

If nothing is working, work on your self. I know you are planning to commit suicide, before you embark on the journey of the dead kindly read my texts may be you might change your mind. I know I can’t feel your agony and what you are passing through, but I believe my words will motivate and recreate you. Guess what! I have a better offer for you. See below :

Why suicide? What is the point? Why have you decided to opt for an option that would cause pain?

Since you have decided to commit suicide, how about your creator? Would you not be an ingrate? It’s another way of saying he didn’t create you well. Would he not feel disappointed? Is your case the most terrible one? One thing I have noticed is that those who are often with complete body commit suicide easily, but the incomplete ones tend to motivate themselves. Have you not noticed?

If the disabled ones could be alive battling for the survival of which they didn’t allow their “inability” to obstruct them. Hence, what is your excuse? Suicide? It is very pertinent to note that the aforementioned set of people didn’t embrace suicide as an option rather they derive joy in their “inability”. Remember those that are blind, what should they do? Yet, you think suicide would settle it all.

You are very wicked, so you want to leave your family or children in agony. Why suicide? I know you have cried to God about these problems, but that doesn’t mean you should commit suicide for you to see him. Perhaps, who says you would see him when you are dead? As a matter of fact, when you are dead, whether you have done good or bad. The decision is still in the hand of the creator.

The main objective of suicide is to end your purposes. Hence, another person will actualize them for you. Is this not a defeat? Then, what is your essence? A failure is not a failure its just a nomenclature, you can change the title to something else, but it depends on your decision.

Finally, before you commit your suicide, remember you are useful to some people. They put you in prayers every day. Would you let this effort be in vain? I also heard they are planning to restructure you in all aspects. Think before you commit suicide because once it is done, it is done. Life will miss you partially, but I would advise you to stay than choosing that path. Your life is very useful, don’t end it. Kindly preserve it.

Suicide has become the only way to ease the stress. Even the next world is created for the brave ones, not a coward like you.”–Akinrulie Opeyemi.

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