What is happening in this world? Is this the end? Evil has become the supremacy of everything, I am not sure if holiness still dwells amidst us. I will be personalistic in some cases in this article, so that you will feel the avid explanations towards this subject matter. I will also make my paragraphs short, in order to ease you. Yet, it’s as if there is no conscience in this world again, no fear of God and the faithful ones are beginning to deviate from TRUTH since they are under threat. Perhaps, who wants to die?

I know this has been happening for years, but that doesn’t mean I should mute myself because it is Said that,”there is no gain in veracity.” Howbeit, I think God knows how to reward the loyal ones, but his time, is not in accordance with man’s time. I am sure you must have been wondering about what is making the writer to spew in this manner. It is a popular topic called “RAPE”.

Have you not heard of cases pertaining to rape? Some victims have died due to depression, because only those involved would feel the pain of this calamity. Where is the conscience of all these rapists? Or has rape become a decent business? If care is not taken, these rapists might register as a company.

In order for you to take me serious, how about this popular case of rape? According to the report :

She was the only daughter of her mother, after waiting for several years, she gave birth to her. She nurtured her daughter judiciously with the notion of enjoying the fruit of her labour when the time comes. She gave her mother joy when she was alive, but unfortunately that day, she left her daughter in the house with happiness, not knowing that, it would be the last day she would see her on earth.

These wicked and heartless rapists invaded the home of this hardworking young lady whose future is so bright, they didn’t only rape. As a matter of fact, she was stabbed to death. How would her mother feel? Remember, that is her only child. Where would she start from? It’s a painful thing to see one’s child buried in front of you, this is a taboo rather your child or children should bury you. The question is : would this incident not instigate her untimely death?

Is it the case that these rapists always rejoice when they rape? Or they derive pleasure when they perform this atrocious act? I think this is associated with the way they think. When they think it, they have already thought about it. Since, thoughts are powerful then it would become a must executed mission as regards the issue called “RAPE.”

According to report: How about the case that happened in a country recently where a 20 years old man raped a 100 years old woman? What judgment should be given to the raper whose sexual urge couldn’t be controlled? Yet, some would feel that these rapists are performing this unbearable act because they had no choice in the first place. If I may ask, what choice? The choice to do what? Our creator has many choices for mankind, it’s left for “you and I”to think about the part and path we want to embrace. Isn’t it? How about that?

In addition to this subject matter. According to report : how about the girl who was drugged and gang raped by her friends? As a matter of fact, the video went viral, but to worsen the situation she later committed suicide. As some would say, God knows best. Is God evil? A law should be created to eradicate those using this medium to derive pleasure for the sake of wickedness.

Where is this “world” heading to? Although we all know it’s wicked, but for the wicked it’s a world of pleasure. If that should be the case, who would put an end to this disgusting act called RAPE. No wonder, some women hate men. No wonder, some women prefer same sex relationship. No wonder, some women have chosen sologamy(marriage to oneself). No wonder, some women have decided not to listen or give any man a chance in the name of rape.

Some might say, it’s a curse to rape or may be, such an individual has been charmed, therefore, relating this matter to voodoo. But how possible is that? Or should the government create a court for spiritual matters? Who would be the judge? Man? Demons? Angels? Truth be told, let the journey of these rapists be put to an end. We must not say, this matter doesn’t concern us. Who knows what would happen next? Remember,to protect the oppressed, someday they would remember your patriotic visions, till then, women deserve a strong security, especially this contemporary society where rape is now lucrative for some men.

At this juncture, I would cut everything short in order for my audience to digest this little article. At first I wanted to mute my feelings, but I couldn’t. I pray we don’t witness this act, because it’s very demeaning to rape a woman. Is such an individual a responsible man? Yet, some would rape with laughter and euphoria. Where is their conscience?

Or are they thinking God would forgive them after they might have committed this despicable act? Sure, he’s merciful, but Karma never forgives. To cap this short aphorism, any man caught in this act should be castrated and tortured. Death would always find a way to operate since she’s also close to Karma.

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