This is not the case that, they have desired to die, they couldn’t wait because of the unfair treatments geared towards them by life. This is the case of euthanasia (mercy killing) – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


” On January 2014, Brittany Maynard was diagnosed with a brain cancer called, ‘glioblastoma’ she was told that, she had six months to live. However, on november 1st 2014, with the help of euthanasia. She desired it and she died , because she couldn’t wait for that disease to take her. ” How about that?

   ” Danny Bond only celebrated two birthdays and two Christmases because of the illness which he had been battling from birth. During his 20 years, he endured over 300 surgeries and suffered almost every day. Thus, he started talking about euthanasia” What an untimed desire. How about this scenario?
  There are several cases on euthanasia, I only took these two scenarios as an introduction. In a case where  there is no hope, what can you do? We can not blame those making a request of death for involving themselves in this act, in as much as we do not know what they are experiencing, we must not blame them. It has been argued that, they should have waited for God to intervene in this situation, I do not know may be, they have prayed to their God or gods. May be, they have imagined within them that, since all efforts have failed, the next thing is to demand for death. I  have tried to put myself in their shoes in order to experience what they are confronting, but, I discovered that, to die is a difficult thing. I am yet to see new things in this world, all I can see is a reversal of all things tinted as new products. What is the essence of life, when suffering will continue to pester mankind?


  What they can do is to demand for freedom through a sudden death which is an untimed desire. I have wondered about the state they will be, when demanding for a sudden elimination from this world. What a ruthless world, what a wicked world created for man. A world, where your enemies won’t rejoice when you die but, be a friend to your family for more calamitous occurrences. Once again, what can I do? What will you do? You have no power to save, neither, do you have the capacity to lift them beyond. I have whispered to the birds may be, when they return they would have gotten a solution to all. I have spoken like a parrot, because those words will become a spirit which will live forever.


put yourself in their shoes,and imagine you have a terrible sickness that is unbearable coupled with no cure. Even, spiritual interventions and medical postulations have failed. What will you do? “—-Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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