Do not be deceived by those who say certificates are not relevant. You must acknowledge every opportunity, you must not think of laziness because they are people who are serious “—–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

   You know I will articulate even if my mouth is padlocked. I will  dance to the tunes of a masquerade who is melodious may be a way will be shown to me, in as much as I have the privilege to express I  will continue to exclaim till death takes me. As you are reading this article, I want you to start thinking about all what you have done, and what you have said about the acquisition of certificates. If you think certificates won’t play a vital role in your life, then, why agitating for success? Don’t you know success is also an achievement? If it is an achievement, then, you are certified. This is a certificate.  

   Although, there are many certificates which will catapult an individual to the spotlight but, as soon as some have acquired them they will be reluctant to know more, and what they will say is, “ this is the ending Point” whereas the ending point is the starting point . We must not be cajoled by hedonism. “Moving on ” should be a daily watchword.


  A time will come when those unwanted certificates you tend to ignore will be  relevant. Those who have already possessed some will dance and laugh but, I hope annoyance won’t be at home. This same mentality is common among the youths that  certificates are not important in as  much as  you have gone to a  profound school. Do not forget that defences are inevitable. If we can escape  realities I would be the first to do so, since I can’t,what will I do? Stand firm and be ready for whatever occurs.


You won’t know the importance of those certificates you have acquired, when the time comes you will start feeling the feelings of  greatness”—–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

           “knowledge is recollection”

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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