The above topic is not a straightforward expression but as some would say that I am not explicit. This is not the case because a poetic philosopher will always express in parables thus, as time approaches I hope we would see what I am seeing. The face of life is not the face we once dreamt about, yet, different assumptions have been postulated but obstruction is now a norm.
    As I am writing, I writing with tears coupled with a deep thought even the next thing to do, is to do the unexpected. As a matter of fact, happiness will be decided by others if we are to live, I have pondered and wondered but this is as if I am the only one in the stride of deception and truth. Several questions will be asked but time is no more, regrettably we have asserted unconsciously because of the distress. We must not be carried away,  let focus be the banner. If the journey is to be reverted it will make no difference even a partisan would have done better if given the chance.
    The horrendous scenes were created so that we would compose ourselves for futuristic agendas and If destruction occurs, what can we do?  Who can we inform? Exit should be an exhibition because this will be an avenue for people to articulate their opinions. I am not good but one thing I will always do is to learn from people because an island of knowledge is meant for some not for all.
  I wish I could express all my thoughts but a grandiloquent speech will be too boring for some to comprehend. I know nothing about the future because future and uncertainty are friends but knowing them won’t favour us thus,partiality is not part of them.
      By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
    “Living again won’t be possible, yet, we want to live again”

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