”  The elders will not give up, they will continue to deceive youths who have been dancing to the melodious tunes of happiness, thinking, they are the leaders of tomorrow. This is a truthful lie.” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


I am not launching an attack to anyone but, it is time to stand and express what has been hidden to all. If you can not think, who will think for you?. There are no signs of tomorrow but the present is the tomorrow you have been clamoring for. The youths are still expecting the elders to leave the thrones they have occupied for years, they have promised the youths that loyalty will always be their banner but, there are no chances of giving up, yet, their old children are also on the queue to embrace the quest of power. Who will query them? Who will fight them? Even, loyalty is angry because of this betrayal but, what would loyalty do? Loyalty can not be active because the unseen can not be seen. If the elders are not wise, must the youths follow the same act? It  has become a  vengeance of the youths to dethrone the elders, they will succeed in this quest. Can they rule judiciously? In the case of this contemporary society where youths are often distracted by the worldly expenses, thus, bargaining their sensibility for senselessness. I am not exempted from this situation in as much as  I am living in this world. The mystery will not be shown to all.


What life am I living?  Am I living my life? It is better to live one’s life than to live a fake which will yield nothing. Life is not secured, it is for everybody and anybody, if that should be the case, the way we think would be a great influence if life is to be shaped. You have embraced that truthfulness which you have thought of, different times. As time approaches, your discovery alerted your consciousness thus, you became inclined in order to fight for your independence which has been blurred for many years. If the essence of truth is for lie to be demolished or destroyed,then, lie is also truthful. In  other words, the existence of ‘lie’connotes ‘truth’, you can not be truthful all the days of your life but, let religion and others keep their examples as regards this matter. Elders and youths have embraced these two concepts : lie and truth. As a matter of fact, where are we going? We tend to ask this question on several occasions but, what have we done to it?. If I have a plan, then, it must be executed to become a plan, one vital problem we are facing is a notion of realization. Are you real? Am I real?. If I engage myself in a truthful lie, how will I progress?. The future is now, it is not coming. Wiseness will be needed.


The journey is not far, you have chosen a criterion that is too long to  comprehend, infact, the problem is yourself, if you can solve it, then, the problems of life will be simple. “—-Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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