In order not to commit a fallacy I will discuss democratism as related to Nigeria because I can not generalize , if I should , it will be ‘argumentum ad ignoratiam(appeal to ignorance )’ . Democracy might be a good concept in other countries but in the case of Nigeria , it has become a powerful canopy for those who are in power . If democracy connotes a political freedom of people coupled with equal rights then, oneness will be a forever discussion but , in this situation people are seriously brutalized without pity because democracy is powerless . A government for the people is now a government for the few. What democracy preaches are equality , good governance , legitimacy , transparency , and fundamental rights etc . Are these acknowledged in Nigeria ? 

       Where is the real democracy ? A real democracy that will cater and consider the masses who are execrable in all situations . Democracy has become an umbrella and a broom of deception without the accordance of Nigerians . Is democracy a disguise ? Or is she a freedom fighter using deception as a tool of truthfulness ? Yet, some people are still clamoring about the trust they have for democracy  with the belief that she will rescue the aggrieved citizens of Nigeria. The  question is, when? How long will the citizens wait? Even some would have met death in the process of knowing the reality of democracy.  As a matter of fact , some are satisfied and some are not satisfied . The major problem confronting democracy is her inability to bring ‘equality’ to the masses . But , can equality live without prejudice ? 

  “Let’s be factual . Man created ‘democracy ‘ and if this is true , no doubt a sentimental act will be a priority so as to favour his personal thoughts . A real democracy won’t be ‘I’ only but the ‘WE’ will be like an everlasting covenant . ” — Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua . 

      When would these  citizens learn from the deception of democracy ?  They will pretend as if they have learned from the mistakes committed, only to discover that they have been cajoled by the sugarcoated utterances of the people they have condemned. I can not blame them because democracy has become a lukewarm concept mingling in the hearts of Nigerians . If the citizens of Nigeria won’t stand for truth  then deception will be a forever assumption . Who will rescue them? Who will carry the cross ? Who wants to sacrifice ? Or is it the case that all leaders are the same ? I weep for the future agendas of this very nation . This  democracy created lot of abnormalities and she’s also a criterion needed for transparency and good governance , if I won’t be condemned I would say or utter this statement ,  “democracy is a liar ” .  

      Indeed,  I have no regret by proclaiming the aforementioned statement because if democracy is not a liar , let her exhibit what she’s known for . She has become a dictator pretending to be free,  whereas she’s not . She has given her pride to the wicked souls through her duties . The function of democracy in Nigeria is like a recycle bin. That is, it is just a repetition of those who  have  retired  from politics or political offices but still waiting with certainty that they will be called  back, if I am not mistaken this should be regarded as true . What theory is next after democracy ? All theories have been postulated for the betterment of Nigeria but all of them departed without success only ‘recession ‘ became a friend to Nigeria yet democracy is busy looking for solutions despite her old age . She should be the one to remind the leaders and citizens to unite in order to combat the challenges . I say again ,  “democracy is a liar ”  

 ” I have expressed little . Remember , I have not generalized democracy but I made it clear at the beginning of this article because if I should generalize,  it might be an intractable expression . As a matter of fact , despite all these challenges I can not deny my country and I am anticipating the day  Nigeria will be number one in the world . If the time is not near,  it will be a difficult thing . “– Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua . 

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