Which way will mankind go? All plans have been used, what plans will be accepted to anathematise the created decadence. Yet, we relax as if it doesn’t concern us. It may not our problem but, if we must find our way out this will surely be in unity. We have ridiculed ‘unity’ with a common eye, in such a way that ‘unity’ doesn’t have value. The vital thing we are yet to assume is the power to accede or agree, everyone wants his or her own subjective way of thinking to supercede in all ramifications but, if everybody were to act subjectively, how will the world progress?
   We have been known for our adamant displays in accordance with several castigation which will yield nothing but a nihilistic agenda. We have been deceived enough, it is  time for us to picture ourselves and revive the dead souls. Ignite the passions wherever that are, call on the past to help us reestablish  our contemporary society. The unforgivable is forgivable but the forgivable is unforgettable, there is nothing like privacy but once it’s extreme, one might be neglected for life. The apex of life is yet to be discovered but, people are still taking life like, life is life, whereas life is death. The question is : what are we seeking for since death is the penalty?
    We must not forget that we moving for from slavery to destruction. Is it not better to die a slave than to be destroyed without hope? We wanted respect, we have gotten it through destruction. How will respect be useful when destruction is happy? For how long are we going to be in the realm of myopic thinking? Our cases will be revealed, let our televisions be awake.

  “Our simple guessing will result to nothing, it will revert our consciousness to be unconsciousness”


By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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