A nation without reality will crawl without pity, the excellence of a good country will not only depend on leadership but, the people will be needed in this journey”  – – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


     The main journey started for Nigeria when she gained her independence in 1960,and she became a republican country in 1963. My concern is centered on “Nigeria”, no matter where I go I can not deny my source, and my  source is my existence. If I were born without a country then, my existence will be meaningless, to be meaningless is to be exempted from life, and if no life is given. What will be the focus? I have rested all my missions because of this reality so that a country like Nigeria will be able to activate her hidden potentials, yet, I  ask, who are you, Nigeria? Forget your betrayal and move on to greener pastures, and if the vulgar words  are not forgiven, how would she progress?
       As a matter of fact, it  has been argued that the decadence in Nigeria can be traced to the establishment of those who spearheaded the independence of Nigeria , if that should be the case, Nigeria is still in the quest of establishing her true reality. The people have blamed different sources for the inability of this nation to grow up to the expected realm, but if sacrifices are not made, how will progress occur? The most obvious attack is the issue of leadership which has been a common assertion without amelioration, yet, this people will clamor about leadership with transparency. This same set of people will be bribed thus, transparency would be ashamed to stay because of disloyalty. I will keep exclaiming this mantra “Nigeria : Who are you?”

     ” Self belief won’t work unless you actualize it. ‘Thinking’ is good but make sure you invite ‘reasoning’. You are a driver but, do not be reckless because you can mislead some.” – – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


        The assumed giant of Africa will soon be defeated, it is a pity that a nation like Nigeria is at sleep while her image is about to be tarnished. If truly there is a future somewhere then, nowhere should be a motivator for the dreams kept. My words may be confusing but, if thinking and reasoning can be merged you will feel the importance of all my expressions. When will greatness be the household for all? There is no doubt that I can not dispute the inequality within human society, If success is hard to attain, why striving to be successful? But, the hardship is that key which will unlock many doors. Nigeria must not be forgotten,if the people can not speak, the shoulders of many will be abased.
         Unseriousness is a disease, belief might not be active if the self is exempted. The primary aim of a good vision is to be diligent with your assumed goals, how far can you go with your potentials? If life is funny there will be need for you to get serious, and if life is serious there will be need for you to get funny. In other words, life comprises both subject matters. Is Nigeria serious or funny? At times, I wish I can deny my origin but, why should I do that? Although, Nigeria is not a place for all but, it is a place for some who believe in a better Nigeria. One day, all these calamities will be detected and quenched but, when will this day come? When would she be known for peace? To give up won’t yield to something good but, a depressive thinking that will lead to suicide.


If Nigeria can not embrace actualization as a criterion in the the quest of development, then, the wrong must be tackled in order to be right. ” – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


If a better Nigeria would demand the death of all citizens, who wants to  die? What if it gets better without the death of all? It is very obvious that there is a bifurcation of good and evil battling for stability and instability in Nigeria. Change will not totally terminate corruption but it will  only reduce it. “—– Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

  ” I have tried to  embrace honesty but, I need to be factual about this issue because if I do not express with truthfulness I may be arrested my truth. Mere words will not define the authentication of Nigeria. What can be done is to ask  Nigeria herself. Nigeria, what are the solutions to  your problems?. “— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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