“I was perturbed by the huge maltreatment geared towards women who are to participate in politics. If I have my way I would create a world  of women” – – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua   

  Who says women can’t participate in politics? Who says women are not relevant in the society? Who says they are not brave to face the tasks? There is no doubt women have been ridiculed in our contemporary society. Some have asked about the usefulness of women in politics, and the contributions they will give if called into politics. The time has come to stand and fight for your rights, if it is not now, when will it be? As future will be no more even if, there is a future, it should be now. Are you going to let people subdue you? Will you allow a minor issue to subjugate your decisions?


  You must not give up, no matter what the maltreaters are planning. Do not bargain your pride for anything even if, it will cost you everything. Who can sacrifice the whole? Who can  raise the banner of women and make it a vestige of agitation?  Where are the true women? Are they still alive? Wake up from your slumber, fight the good fight which will make all generations know you are, who you are. When I see  women being maltreated I always feel disheartened, but, how can a subjective mind move the world, if  not, objectivism? Yet, you are hiding under the umbrella of deceptions. The time is now or never.


     Why do regard yourself as a weaker vessel? Your mental capacity can activate the true person you are, in as much as you have the concept of thinking as related to human knowledge. For many years, women have been obstructed in some aspects, if not all. But few women rose to fight for the independence of women, however, their lives were truncated. In this modern society, women are too  busy with the worldly attractions, and would rather prefer to be. Where is your passion as a woman? How about the zeal you once had? It is shameful that women have failed to actualize their fundamental rights.


Do not see this as  a mere article, I  have imagined a world without women, but, I realized the importance of women within the society. This is a short preface. Women arise. “—–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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