A blast from the past came suddenly but we thought this should be a mere scenario. This nonchalance became a marriage for mankind thus, he couldn’t rescue himself from the perspectives of good and bad coupled  with the importance he has towards life. There is need for exigency in as much as he has geared a serenity in most aspects.
           The criteria created was to sharpen the stride attached  to man’s life, whether we like it or not, we are all attached to one life. And if there is another  life then, there will no need for this life. Aren’t we tired? Aren’t we tired of the quest and questions of this life? At times, man has suggested many options but those options can’t be actualized because he has  no life but another life which  is not meant for him.
        It has become a cage of no return, and a will nilly postulation. The best way is yet to be discovered. Thinking  will continue to live, no doubt, we can’t quench it and if we do then, none will be in existence. Once we are married to life, it is forever but it will be over. This marriage will be the fastest in the  history of man’s life.
      By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
    “As for those searching for an extension of life, don’t  be deceived. The extension of  life is your life”

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