The above topic shouldn’t be a strange thing. As a matter of fact, many marriages have been destroyed, some have been able to settle while some have vowed not to reconcile. What must have caused this division? Is it domestic violence? Dishonesty? Lack of trust? Or the interference of bad friends pretending to be good? Although marriage is a good thing, but when the notion of divorce is invited one would think life is unfair. As a bachelor the reader might be attempted to ask that, have I experienced this scenario in reality? Or am I just randomizing?

Well, he who says that,his society has not offered him anything or he hasn’t gleaned anything from his environ should be questioned, because learning is the paradigm of the society. Hence it’s an indirect experience. I am just reacting to it through my inner thoughts which are always knowledgeably provocative. Don’t you know that,you can use other thoughts to create your own thoughts,perhaps, how do you tend to know when society isn’t at your neck? I think marriage is an institution some women think of, hoping that someday they would be admitted, in response to this πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua puts it below to that single woman who is ready to mingle:

I hope you are ready for the tasks ahead,I hope you have consolidated that your weak mind, I hope you have weighed some circumstances that would occur, I hope you are ready to employ ‘patience’ as a lead role in your life, I hope you won’t get too jealous, I hope you would be careful when saying things to your friends who tend to be good, but they are deceptive inwardly, I hope you know he’s not perfect and he’s susceptible to mistakes. I have succeeded in listing few things, I wouldn’t know what you would face when married, just be of good heart β™₯ and don’t get involved in domestic violence.

The argument would be incomplete without giving a stern warning ⚠ to that man who is single and ready to mingle:πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua argues, I hope you are ready to act as a man not like a man, I hope you won’t be beating or punching πŸ‘Š her like boxers who are finding titles to add to their names, I hope you would take care of her passionately, I hope you would be proud of her in public, I hope you won’t disgrace her rather you would elevate her in the presence of your friends and other subordinates. I hope you won’t cheat on her,but I guess this is an inevitable situation for some men,I hope she would always be sexy to you all the time, I hope you won’t hide anything from her which you might need to apply sagacity, yet let love and trust be your watchword, not violence.

In this contemporary society love has become nothing, some people now tend to be married on the basis of ordinariness,not on extraordinariness. Love should be the establishment when coming together, but it has been seen as nothing. Where is the love you had when you started? Where has she gone to?

How about love in a normal sense? That is without marital vows. How about those friends that vowed to stand by you when tribulations comes? Where are they now? Although this life is a matter of individualism,no matter how zealous you are towards some people, betrayal will come from within. Love was heartbrokenπŸ’” when the only video πŸ“Ή pertaining to love was shown to her. Hence, she became frustrated,dejected and confused, she said,“I am nothing” .

Love explains herself with sobriety, I thought my main establishment is to demolish hatred and let mankind love one another in harmony. Some people have used me as hatred and hatred as love. I am sick and tired of mankind I think I will take a vacation.

In response to LOVE, Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua replies, love if you leave,mankind would be disorganized and chaos would multiply. I know love has become nothing to man, and this is happening in every aspect of life. Brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters, even loyal friends have become backbiters, perhaps if you leave who would console the betrayed ones? Pardon mankind and give him one more chance to show his sincerity. As a matter of fact, it’s a world 🌍 of hatred and it’s your duty to formulate your predominance, so that man would see love as something.

Soon, it would be over, nothing would be in existence as all feelings would be quenched. The world 🌍 would be angry with herself and she would cast all good things away, but those who are wicked in heart β™₯ would rejoice and they would sing 🎢 a song of comfort in discomfort. It’s a pity that love is nothing. Many scenarios have been created, so that we would be able to hate one another with the use of twisted facts.

How about religion? How about tribalism? How about racism? How about the huge bifurcation between the rich and the poor? Have I shown love? Have you shown love? I shouldn’t be exempted from these questions, have I not vowed not to talk with someone that has done something painful to me? How about you? You have said, you won’t forgive him or her. But, God won’t see that as an excuse as He would also recap your decadence in order to show you those you offended and who forgave you.

I think I am going too far in this article, but what I have been trying to explain is, let love be our paradigm and let us abolish and banish the following :

  • Domestic violence.
  • Tribalism.
  • Religious hatred.
  • Discrimination between the rich and poor.
  • Racism.

To cap these arguments, don’t you think these issues are hindering the progress of MANKIND? I have shared my opinions, but it’s left for the reader to reexamine his or her thoughts concerning these things, perhaps I am just an ordinary writer seeking to improve in all ramifications. As a matter of fact, LET LOVE BE SOMETHING TO YOU, BECAUSE LOVE IS NOT COMMON. THOSE WHO ARE, WOULD CHERISH THIS ASSERTION.

let love be something,not nothing”

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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