Opeyemi Akinrulie writes,I am just an ordinary man learning everyday in order to improve myself in all ramifications. It’s not the case that I have an experience concerning a well structured marriage ,but I have observed that some marriages can’t be resolved as a result of domestic violence, lack of children and trust etc. All these have bifurcated the union of a husband and wife. What is the solution to this wilderness? If there is a wilderness in a marriage division would be happy to dwell in that arena.

Well,if I may ask those who are married. Is marriage an easy institution? What sustains a marriage? Who is the most troublesome in a marriage? The husband or wife? It is said that ,it’s those who are in marriage can advise each other,I agree, but in this contemporary society where some People are sagacious with the intelligent concept of solving people’s problems through the observance of various disputes in marriages,don’t you think they can also proffer solutions?

As a matter of fact, he who is in the box won’t be able to see conveniently. Why is your marriage in the wilderness? You have turned your wife to a practical exhibition in order to show your strength through beating .Are you responsible at all? Every day you reign curses on your husband without considering that karma is always in partnership with consequences. What have you done?

Things were good at first when you got married to him,but wealth became scarce and you left to search for greener pastures. Where is your love for him? Mr man, She suffered with you when you were nothing ,now you have become a business tycoon ,no time for her anymore, you went ahead to marry a second wife,you betrayed her. Is this the way to repay a faithful wife?

Madam,your husband is too old he can’t satisfy you again,you would need a young and agile man to titillate and satisfy you. Remember this statement during your conglomeration : “for better and for worse till death do us part”. What are you looking for? You have become a general market to all men, in other words, any vibrant man can sleep with you so far he can dig deep. Well, it’s a world of distrust between both parties. Who should be blamed?

Mr man, you are very covetous and all what you do is to follow all women without preference, you don’t even have a taste. Why have you given your love to whores? You have taken your wife for granted to the extent that she has no meaning to you. As a matter of fact, you have divided your love for her, but remember that when love is divided it becomes a broken home. If that should be the case, how would your children react to this? What mindset would they have? What morality would they pass to their children?

Wilderness is happy that she has found where she would establish her city, she has no plans to leave. As a matter of fact, she has fumbled that no one can question her edicts. Mankind has a lot to learn, if not, sensibility would commit suicide because man has refused to utilize her. How can one exempt marriage from the wilderness? How can one have a peaceful marriage without distortion? Let me be sincere with myself, although I am not bothered by the futuristic nemeses,whether I like it or not, it would surely happen as I have no power to dictate the future but I guess there is need for one to be tested. However, wilderness is necessary in marriage, if not, the story about “imperfection” would have been tagged as a lie.

I hope I am not expressing too much? Don’t worry I won’t elongate it rather I would close the chapter of knowledge, so that you won’t get exhausted. Whether married or single some day you would be annoyed and provoked, you would feel downgraded and disrespected, I am sure maturity is for all, except if you choose to be childish. I would close this aphorism with some delectable words below :

Some people have vowed not to get married, thinking that it’s an avenue for them to escape the above subject matter MARRIAGE – IN- THE WILDERNESS. I once asserted that, “no one is safe we are all pretending to be”. If that should be the case, a safe place is yet to be created. As for me, I have decided to take things easy, I have decided to forgive and be kind to those who have offended me. As it is said, “forgiving is living”. If the aforementioned assertion is true, why should wilderness be my mantra or dictum?

As a matter of fact, this article is not only in the context of joining a man and woman together, but it’s also an expository analysis about what man has engaged himself to. That is, marriage pertaining to (husband and wife) and marriage pertaining to platonic displays.

Nonetheless I don’t want to divert your attention to another phase of life, truth be told, the issue of marriage is like a country. In order to put an end to this article, so that it won’t be voluminous,I would say, ‘reading’ is not for the lazy ones and marriage should be given a world of understanding.

Finally, no one would cure the wilderness in your home, even when you tell some people your problems you might end up regretting it. Remember, “A wound can be healed, but a scar would continue to be a sign of remembrance. If you can’t settle your disputes inwardly, the world would celebrate your Calamities.”

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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