It is assumed that a man needs to be equipped with money and power. He wants wealth and a beautiful woman. The greatest mistake is, at times he tends to follow appearance rather than character. But, he has forgotten that some women make use of flashy things in order to cover their real character.___Opeyemi Akinrulie. 

    Time is ticking and the desperation of some men is out of bounds. Their mantra is, “money must be made whether good or bad”. There is no doubt that a man wants to inherit power, fame, money and be dominant in some places, if not all. Remember he also has the zeal for women all in the name of sex which will make him weak aftermath. As a matter of fact, men have the tendency of cheating,especially when the woman is seductive that might bring him into the state of sexual imaginations. Please women don’t be frustrated by the actions of some men. The greatest thing to resist is, perception. It’s an intractable decision. 

   Howbeit, when a man sees a woman there are  three things I think would attract him: beauty, shape, and endowment. Thinking that would be enough in creating a good family, after some years things began to change despite the fact that the woman tried to look sexy in his presence. Unfortunately, he’s still in the quest of searching for  many women to date. His dictum will be in this language, “that my wife is old”, it’s a pity that what a man wants is yet to be known. As women can’t be satisfied, so as men can’t be satisfied. Hence, the insatiable concept of mankind will continue to be a subject matter. Yet, I will ask again, what does a man want? 

   Since women love men who are  engulfed with money in this contemporary society, what else will be their  option if not to impress the society especially women? I will hide this statement, but be conscious because it will be in obscurity. Any woman who is not romantic will find it hard to adapt to this paradigm: a man will not cherish a woman whose romantic orientation has been destroyed by some religious embodiments. As a matter of fact, try and be romantic in your moves when you are with your man. I am not saying this will hold him, it will only solve the unsolved. 

   In this chapter of life a man should know what he wants because he’s in charge of the mantle. If he’s not accurate I wonder how he would lead his family. The desperation is too high, some people want to impress instead of thinking about how to surmount. Well and truly, terrorism, domestic violence, and so on, are all  happy for their popularity. Perhaps, what can be said is exhausted. Men must know what they want, if not,desperation won’t cease. Yes I know he wants a charming woman whose beauty will shine like a star, but don’t forget that even a star can be covered. He wants his woman to be young forever. There is nothing a woman will do to satisfy her man yet, he will be tempted by his attempted thinking. 

   When his creative mind has been infected with sexual notions he will have no choice than to succumb. Remember, no matter how strong  men are, women are the strongest creation that can cajole them, some men may disagree with this argument, but the truth must be told, what has been empowered by destiny will be very difficult to change. Once again, what does a man want? He wants his woman to be a good cook especially in these aspects (amala, pounded yam, and semo). He wants his food to be served on time without excuses. Whenever he wants your attention you must give him, if not he might be tempted to call one of his hidden decisions. Even if all these things are fulfilled he would stay for few minutes, afterall another lady is winking. 

   The hearts of men are filled with deceits and lies, a single man will want to titillate every woman because it has been assumed that women have different tastes. I wouldn’t know if this is true, the confirmation should  be launched  to those practicing this act. Men should know what they want. I shouldn’t be excluded from this act, how many women have I deceived? It’s not easy to castigate one’s self. If all men are liars, I am a man. Hence, I am a liar. It will depend on an individual to show that all men are not liars, this will be known when your purpose accedes with what you want as a MAN. 

   She will give you her body yet, you won’t be satisfied. She will cook the best food you like yet, you will go ahead to taste Miss or Mrs X food. You will lie to her that her food is the best whereas you have a second thought. When you were searching for her you did all you could to get her, but after the acquisition you changed like a development all in the name of covetousness. Are you truly a man? The writer is not exonerated from this scenario. What are you looking for?  What am I looking for? When you proposed to her you said, “I have finally found miss right, you were so joyous to the extent that you called your friends for a celebration because your celibate life is over, but suddenly she became mrs left. What really went wrong?                                 

   Is it the case that her sexy appearance has disappeared? Why did you date her because of  beauty? Did you examine her character? Listen to me, although a man will be attracted to a woman who is  endowed with beauty.Remember,beauty fades,but character is forever. If you won’t update and ugrade your maturity by treating your woman as if she’s the best in the world your purpose will be dwindled. Let your woman know what you want, so that she will act accordingly. As a matter of fact, what he wants might be stated directly, but he might also change his thoughts because of what he sees on daily basis. Hence, what he wants can’t be defined. 


  Some men won’t know what they want because some women tend to twerk in order to seduce them. This seduction obstructs them a lot without further thinking, in addition, the mode of dressing is a barrier that takes a man from a woman to another woman. As matter of fact, the satisfaction of mankind will be corrected when creation is restructured. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 


  This is a huge problem and a battle which some warlords haven’t been able to defeat. Men can marry numerous women to the extent that their children might not be given a solidified education. Perhaps, who cares? Who will feed them? The inability of some men in the perspective of knowing the actual thing they want has bewildered them in the real sense. Once again, answers have gone for  vacation. I have no help to render, you can only rescue yourself by  projecting what you want, even a projector can’t do it. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 


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