This might be a hard task to fulfill as regards some issues about a woman. It is the case that the insatiable conditions of mankind can’t be accomplished. Remember, the curiosity of a woman is exorbitant than the opposite sex. She wants to look good, she wants the best attire, she wants expensive things and  she likes to be eulogised for her exhibitions etc. This doesn’t mean she’s satisfied, perhaps she still want more. If that should be the case, what can you do to satisfy a woman? 


Although, I am an inexperienced man, but I will express with an autarchy of simplicity as regards this topic : What does a woman want? In other words, it has  been argued that all men are the same, but how about women? Are they not the same? If one is to argue that all men are the same, then all women are also the same. Perhaps, if both parties are the same in mentality, then the world will fall apart, thus the world includes series of human beings with different views and opinions. If I should ask Miss or Mrs Y her priority she would surely have something to say. Yet, a woman can’t be satisfied because of the competitive nature that has been deposited in her. 

   I will continue to repeat this question : what does a woman want? So that women who haven’t  realized their purpose will be able to visualise it. If you are dating a woman always remember to create a department of attention, if not, you might lose her and start over again despite your investments. But, is this enough? Hmm… I don’t think. The journey has just begun, how about a department called trust. When there is a doubt between both parties. That is, “Mr X and Miss or Mrs Y” a strange annoyance will start happening, husband comes home late and wife refuses to cook adequately. What else will happen? Divorce or unity? 

    As a matter of fact, a woman should be treated with care because of her flexible heart which can easily be harmed. Let me ask you a question : in a relationship who is more committed? A woman or a man? To be candid, if a woman is treated properly she will stay with her man, except if there is curse somewhere tormenting her. If one is satisfied, what is left? I understand that money is an avuncular to women. It’s not easy to reject money in this contemporary society,  even if you sacrifice your last penny she will still say, ‘baby, don’t forget about that thing’. In this situation, ‘intelligence ‘ may disappear, especially if that man is not sufficient. Shouting won’t solve the matter and impatient is a virus.  

    Remember, jealousy is her nature, so if you look at other women trouble may arise. She wants to be cherished like no other. She wants you to keep mentioning her name many times, if possible in every dream. She wants you to give  her money when necessary, which is the crux of all relationships. Have you not heard, “no money, no love”. The world made it so,because she has been promised that she will inherit herself, even if there is eternity, it is a pity that the world fell for this deception. Again, what does a woman want? When you are with your friends make sure you hype her and elevate her like the tallest Mountain in the world. She will love you more and more. You might say, love is not in existence again, but is there anything that can hold a relationship if love is to be exempted? I know, you will mention other concepts, but love might not be, her essence can’t be demolished.  

    This is a funny world where women dominate indirectly. Is it the  case that, every man’s achievement is subjected to the umbrella of a woman? What if those instructions are detrimental? As it has been said that, ‘behind every successful  man there is a woman’. Hence, I argue that, ‘behind every unsuccessful man there is also a woman’. How about that? If what a woman want  is what you are looking for, you might not be able to fulfill your destiny. Perhaps, if problems can be solved totally, then there will be no need for you to ask questions. The society is frustrating, your woman is demanding. What’s your next step? 

    If you engage her in gossips she will like you. Every woman loves to gist about some events that are humorous,even if they aren’t funny. Is there anything you can do to please a woman? To know what a woman want means you have solved one of the greatest problems of life. It will be like an epic movie if she starts enumerating all her needed items. Yet, she won’t rest. What can you do to satisfy her? A big kitchen is necessary when building your house because a small one might cause a dispute. If one should start stating  what a woman want, one might exhaust heavens and earth. Perhaps, I am arguing about women. How about : what does a man want? This will be discussed in another article. But my main argument is about the choosy nature of a woman. 

    She wants you to be by her side and  cuddle her if necessary. She wants you to dance with her whether you have the moves or not. She wants you to be there for her in difficult situations. Remember, she gives you her body as a trap,so that when the time comes you will satisfy her. Failure to fulfill her “wishlists” will result to this question : what does a woman want? Don’t bother yourself by searching for an answer because one answer can’t be a solution for all women. If you conduct an individual interrogation one after the other, there will be different opinions. I think I am going too far, I hope you are not tired. I will give  my conclusion soon.   

   Although, men can’t take their eyes away from any woman who is sexy. Especially, in a situation when her body is sexually attractive. Some men are tempted by this scenario, what can they do? The only way is to go blind for life. In this case, it can’t be possible. In as much as nature keeps permitting the word “cheat” there is nothing we can do about it. A woman wouldn’t  like to share her man with another in this modern era. Yet, this does not mean she is satisfied. I think a meeting should be held for all women, if it will be possible. The question : ‘what does a woman want?’ Will continue to ring like a bell. 


What do you want as a woman? What do you want from your man? 


  I have only suggested some arguments about this topic maybe they might work. If this question has been left unanswered, I have tried my best in analyzing and postulating some expositions. Truth be told, if we can satisfy all human beings, then the question : “what does a woman want? ” won’t be a problem. If this can’t be done, you will have no choice than to manage your problems. 







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