The question, “when will you marry?” has sent some singles into early marriages therefore forgetting the basics of marriage. Honestly, marriage is not by force but I feel it’s just an everlasting platform which tends to create a shelter of companionship, although one might get a divorce if it’s not convenient, but of what essence is the conglomeration when it will be divided in the future? Where is the love in the prima facie? Has it faded?

I think I need to give a better example for the benefits of my ever gallant and impeccable audience. I will answer the above question (when will you marry?) as if I am the victim. Hence, I will assume that question is for me, but kindly note, “this is not the real mind of the writer, it’s just an assumed character.marriage is a good thing,but the problems within her circle must be handled by solid minds. It’s not a juvenile race.

When will you marry? I have looked at this world critically with Impartiality I have noticed that the aforesaid question is so common in our contemporary society,howbeit, one needs to distinguish these two statements : who will you marry? & when will you marry?. If I should say, who will I marry? It means, I haven’t seen any one yet. If someone should ask me, when will you marry? It implies, may be, I am currently in a relationship and considering engaging the person on a permanent move. Yet, there are some things that must be in place before you get married.

As some would say, how would a bachelor be an adviser to upcoming marriages? Is he married? What does he know about marriage? We learn a lot of things in the society we are, the good and bad occurrences are not just a ‘mere coincidence’, after all, learning from historical compendiums gives you an insight of what a particular thing is. But, it doesn’t mean that problems won’t arise. As a matter of fact, problems are meant to stay and it’s left to you to decide the way or pattern you will handle them.

In as much as, money has become part of the tools of a good marriage in some cases . Some would say, let us manage and when we get married everything would be in place, in short, blessing would come from nowhere. Is it in all cases? If it worked for X, would it work for Y? If marriage involves maintenance, what would one use to maintain? Is money not pivotal? Some would say, how about trust, love and care? I doubt if those three things are still in existence unless we take the past to the present. If they are, that would be an uncommon scenario.

In this global world that moves with alacrity, how do you show true love without money? Have you forgotten that whoever has money has the high tendency of earning an enormous respect? Even as a husband your wife would respect, not all women can embrace penury. You must rise and make money, you would see the queue would have no end. I think, every woman loves to explore, especially going on vacation to relax and get illuminated. If that is the case, how can one achieve this without money?

Or am I not making sense? Some would also say, let us get married, God would be there for us, well, he’s everywhere, but to rely on God without a plan won’t give him the avenue to react seriously to solving your problems rather you would be seen as an unserious fellow who hasn’t used his or her freewill judiciously. Remember, God did not force you into marriage, you made the decision.

What future have you pictured for your wife and children? Although, there is no certainty about the future since human beings are subjected to change. But that doesn’t mean one should be reckless by forfeiting the plans. I am not a motivational speaker but my aim is to provoke your thoughts in relation to this subject matter. There is no perfect person, there is a right person, at times, not everyone can’t be built,you have to let go.

There are some situations when you have true feelings, but such an individual won’t see it that way. Why? Because he or she has no feelings for you. The essence of love as related to companionship is for two lovers to let their intimate feelings join together so that they would have a clear vision about their home, children, career, purpose, etc. If all these few things have mentioned are not seen the same way within them. I doubt if peace would reign. Then the question, #who will I marry? Would appear for query.

It’s a simple thing to give advice when you are outside the court. Your views would be subjective, thinking, this is an easy task until there is need for you to be in the court. In order not to elongate this article it’s high time I closed this aphorism with a sagacious comment as related to when will you marry?

Well, this is a bitter truth and this might not accede with your belief. Truth be told, always think rigorously before embarking on this journey that demands “emotion and passion”. It’s a lifetime partnership, so sit and take your time it’s not a competition. There are times you will fight, but it’s necessary, however, your reconciliation should not take time, everything isn’t the devil’s work, take full responsibility.

As said, I am not a motivator. I write according to what I have experienced within the society and current happenings. If they should ask this question : when will you marry? Tell them : I am still in a meeting with marriage.

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