On July 30th,2016,I wrote an article titled “who will I marry”. But, this is an extension of the former. I will assume a character in some aspects in this article in order for the reader to see the reality, I am sure you will like to follow each line and paragraph for proper understanding. The question is: Who will you prefer to marry? 

     I can’t know people’s minds, I can’t know their strategic ideologies. The only thing I can perceive is the way they tend to appear. Even if a man or woman has some good intentions towards an individual, how can we know this? If  I am to give my criteria as regards the woman I will like to marry I will express with passion because it is a life time contract. It won’t make sense if I start using checks and balances in selecting many, all in the name of a right choice. Your mouth may not be able to do it, but use only one hand to justify it. 

     Many questions have been raised, such as: Do I have to look for a perfect woman or man? How do I know the right man or woman with a good character? How many years will it take to observe each other? As matter of fact, after these questions, confusion will be happy by activating the consciousness of person’s thinking with a statement like : who will I marry? You are searching for an elegant man or woman whose background is solidified with respect and integrity. To be candid, the picture you are imaging might not be the  reality. If that is the case, how can you know the real identity? 

     If you are looking for a perfect man or woman then, the question you need to ask yourself is, am I perfect? The concept of perfection is not for man to be fully  perfect, it is a mere appearance created so that man won’t be limited in his thinking. Hence, we must work towards perfection. Yes, I understand you want a  peaceful home but, can mankind live without the concept of war or disharmony? I know you might have been seeing a young charming prince or princess who you have been gazing at, this should not be a problem. If you don’t know who to marry, marry yourself  first,in order to realize the next step. 

    If you have a contemplating mind, it is better for you to relax your mind before making any decision. The mind is so powerful, and if  activated, you never can tell what will happen. Remember, marriage is good thing. In other words, marriage is an institution which has its own problematic issues to be solved. Let divorce be exempted from your mind, afterall, I believe you asked yourself this question before crossing the border of companionship: who will I marry?  Are you single? Are you looking for who to marry? Don’t jump, wait and ask yourself : what motives do I have in  this quest? 

                  MY BASIC ARGUMENTS   

  Honestly,you know I don’t express like an introvert  human being. My arguments are always straight and direct. I have asked about the high rate of divorce in our society today, I have wondered and pondered, may be, people engaging themselves in such an act have failed to cogitate about it. Is it the case that they haven’t thought about it? Or  something went wrong? 

    If marriage is said to be a life time concept, why seeking for beauty? I know  you want your kids to be good looking and presentable in public. But, of what essence will it be without peace?  You want a good background, how about  the character? 

  As I have said earlier, ideas should be informative. What moral lesson will it give if it’s long like a moving train? 

  “You have the autarchy to decide which way you want to go. The consequences are always ready for your  actions, it may be subsequent or later. What you are seeking for is not hard but, the actualization is difficult to embrace.”—Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 


                        Short and direct 

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