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 In this article I may not highlight reasons why married men cheat, but the reader must follow each line carefully in order to see reasons why married men  cheat. There is no doubt that some  married men are the reigning champion when it comes to cheating, what would have caused this adulterous act? Or is it the case that married women don’t cheat? Of course, some of them cheat, but the most popular one belongs to the realm of married men. As a single man who is not married, you might be tempted to ask this question : can he handle this? So, I will want the reader to relax and enjoy my exegeses which will be like an illumination, not a defensive thought towards married men that cheat. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.


  Listen to this story, may be it might be of help to you . It’s a story of an embarked journey before embracing an institution called marriage : 

   When you saw her, her beauty was like a shining star, you didn’t hesitate to woo her. Although, she gave you a huge difficulty before accepting your proposal, finally she accepted your date invite and you became partners of love which led to your marriage. Happily married and even joyous, to the extent that people in your community always wonder where such a love lives. Soon, you have had enough sex with her, so, you wanted to try a new woman whose blood is cold and agile. The woman you married few years ago is no longer hot again. Hmm, some  women are very seductive, it will be  very hard to resist their proposal, especially when they dance and wear a sexual attire. Some women do that on purpose, how can a married man resist this indirect titillation? Should his eyes be blinded? In as much as women are living in this world, seduction will always be available. It will take grace for your man not to cheat on you when married. 

  It is very essential to note that, what rings in the mind of a married man is to bear children who will inherit him and make his family to be alive after his departure. In addition to this, anyone who has not bore a child or children might force her husband to make an alternative move towards having a child. Hence, he will neglect his adorable wife all in the name of having kids, but he has forgotten the vow he took during their conglomeration which he said, “for good  and for bad till death do us part”. This implies that, no matter the situation, whether there is a child or no child, one is not permitted to cheat. But, let me ask a woman  this question : if you were to be a man, would you stay in a marriage where your woman can’t  bear a child? Remember, it will be an easy task to judge with alacrity since you are not a man. As a matter of fact, this doesn’t warrant a man to cheat on his wife, I know some women will be happy by my supportive thoughts towards  the world of women. Yet, I will ask all women, are you submissive to your husband? Not only that, are you also romantic? What kind of clothes do you wear when you are with him? 

  Although, marrying because of  beauty is very dangerous, as it might fade at some point in life, but the truism of a marriage is when character, love and submission are convivial. It has gotten to a stage of asking several questions as regards building a home, even thinking must be taught how to think. Is it in the nature of men to cheat? I guess body structures are not  the same, so there is need  for them to try new things. I doubt if married men can keep themselves, because in this contemporary society where women contribute to the aspect of sexual orientation which has been a mental disorder for some married men. Do you think married men have the power to resist? Let me tell you one secret : most  women are not interested in single men, but ‘married men’ is the only  option for them because they feel they can handle women  with maturity. What a world!!! 

     He’s tired  of seeing her  face all the time, in his mind he would say, “I need a fresh blood”. I think one of the solutions to solving this mess is, when all women have the same body structure in such a way that what you are seeing in other women will be the same picture of your wife. But, can this be possible? Or is it an assumed imagination which can never occur? Yet, some women are complaining about  cheating. Are they not the ones betraying themselves? If it can be possible for all women to hold a world conference and agree with one voice, may be, there will be a way out. But, the envious nature of women serves as an impediment for their progress. If people who are to stop this act can’t settle within themselves, how do you expect a total abolition to take place? 

    How about musical videos? Or should this point be exempted? Do you think I am not making sense? Women are the ones in many videos, as they tend to display some sexual parts of their body for the sake of survival. They live for today, but how about tomorrow?  If a married man pictures the movement he’s seeing in such a video, at first, he might pretend, but seduction is a spiritual embodiment. If there were no women, then cheating will be irrelevant, but as long as some women won’t stop this seductive display, the life span of married men is at risk. Now, can you see one opinion why married men cheat? As some will argue that, can’t they hold themselves? Why not, they can hold themselves, but sensitivity instigates that erection. Perhaps, this is just a view because this won’t change anything, it’s an opinion. Take a look at this below :

    “Well, it’s a world of  different options and opinions where you can’t move beyond your destiny. It’s an encrypted arena with diverse of things to be learned,you can probe yourself and ask your maker several questions as regards your life.You can twist your gender if you like, you are free to use your free life as you want, but the mysterious part is, you don’t know the number of days or years assigned for you. You may choose to marry or remain single for life. To cap this aphorism, marriage is not by force, it’s an option.” – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. “

  I hope you are  getting my arguments as regards why married men cheat. If it is not their fault, then whose fault? As a matter of fact, some women can’t even cook a scrumptious meal, all they do is to practice how to make-up. Do you think that would stabilize your home? When you try to correct them, they tend to take you as their enemy. No matter how hard you try to get the attention of your man, in as much as he radiates within the context of women, even if, you castrate  him, he would  still find an alternative. I would have loved to emphasize on single men too, but with the way things are going married men have taken over the mantle of cheating. As a matter of fact, loyalty is hard to get. 

   Do you know that there is no tangible reason why married men cheat?  If you should ask some of them, they might  give some filmsy excuses as regards their wife. Let me make this clear : 

 ” Were you forced into marriage? Were you threatened? I guess the main aim of some of them is,to settle down with a woman of their choice and embark on the journey of cheating. Some men might be quick to counteract me by saying,” but some women also cheat “. I know, but what percentage? Because you have failed to caution yourself, you have made some women to disregard marriage by making them think that there is a sincere future with married men. Sure, the future is always bright, but at the same time, it can be dull. These married men have destroyed the future of some single women. What would be left for single men? 


  At this point, I don’t want to move beyond this boundary. It’s so sad that everything will continue to be tempting. Social media is also a platform that contributes immensely to this decadence. The display of nude pictures by some women can’t be eradicated, however, in an attempt to solving this unpalatable scenario, many might commit suicide because it has become an addiction. Should all these aforementioned platforms be banished? Of course, this can’t happen. But, the only way is, every woman should find a way of limiting the way she exposes her man to her fellow friends, if not, cheating will utilize the opportunity judiciously. 

   “Cheating can be quenched, but it’s a gradual process”. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 







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