Why the Christianophobia? Why the islamophobia? Why the hatred between Christians and Muslims? Do they worship the same GOD? If truly they worship the same GOD then, they will have no reason to be against each other. This will be obvious in such a way that, their unity will shake the world.—Akinrulie opeyemi Joshua 

In the beginning GOD never had any challenge in creating this world. He made all things without stress, you know why? Because His Superiority has to be known. He created mankind with equality, if not, He would have kept some human beings in His kingdom. In addition,He created some good surroundings in order to satisfy mankind yet, the insatiable concept still flows in the hearts of mankind. Has He not tried? If man was not created, he would have been under the existence of nothing . My number one focus is, the disagreement: What’s really going on between them (Christians and Muslims)? What a remarkable shame. 

   It is believed that,the conception of Christians is that, God is trinity (God.Son.Holy Spirit) and trinity is one. But,the conception of Muslims is that,Allah is God who has no trinity. The discrepant issue happening between these parties has grown to be an apparent encounter known as HATRED. Some marriages can’t be held because of these religious incompatibilities. Some couldn’t be employed because of these disagreements.These are few assumptions which I have seen on this earth, when will these atrocious notions stop? Are they not tired? The essence of a good future is for it to be peaceful, not for it to be destroyed before its arrival. In this case, the deed has been done.  

     If Christianity is a way of life in accordance with Jesus Christ  and Islam means peace in relation to Prophet Muhammed. Where is the violence coming from? To talk of a way of life is to be submissive in attaining a particular goal without violence. To talk of peace is to act in accordance with God’s instructions  without violence. Is God a violent God? If they won’t concur to make peace then,let the world forget about the abolition of war. Let’s look at this analogy below : 

     If Q is from P and R is from P. P decides to give Q and R the freewill to create all things for their own good. But, this freewill disorganized Q and R. Hence, they are battling with each because they have forgotten the ONE SOURCE. How about this? 

    Who is to be blamed? Is it Q or R? Is it P? What are they deriving from violence? A competition that will yield nothing but, something called hatred within the society should be banished with the proclivity of no return. Mankind should continue is dramatic journey because I feel every act is being recorded in order to invite the retrospect. If they are beautiful houses and places which are extraordinary in this world,imagine how the unseen will be. Both parties are not seeing things from this aspect,may be they are. A shame chained by a shame. 

   ” As I am writing this article I am getting tired because it won’t change anything. perhaps,I am not the first person to ignite this type of passion.”–Akinrulie opeyemi Joshua 

     I have heard and seen many visions about the conglomeration of Christians and Muslims. Can this happen? Can they settle this dispute? My wish, is for them to come together as one but,I am still wondering how this unrealistic motive  will be realistic. I am sure I am not dreaming,and if it’s a dream,it must real. For how long will they continue to battle? It is an easy thing to destroy but, peace will demand a long meeting. 

  Mountains are angry because they have failed to provoke themselves. Hence, the spirit of companionship left, and mountains became happy. One mind,many minds. If GOD had created the world with a mentality of destruction then, CREATION will be impossible. Have you thought of this? Death rate will be immeasurable and birth rate will be measurable yet, Christians fight Christians. Muslims fight Muslims. Christians fight Muslims. Muslims fight Christians. 


  I have a lot to say but,I have to be conscious because of the reading culture. Perhaps,this is related to our society where we fight unnecessarily. People tend to defend their  faith with brutality, if where you are going is not certain,why engaging yourself in such an act? Even if, where you are going is certain there is need for you to solidify yourself lest  you fall. Because what I am seeing in this context is, SUPERIORITY. What progress have they made? They are just proselytizing people to embrace their BELIEF. If that should be the case, this should not be based on hatred. – – Akinrulie opeyemi Joshua 


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