The world needs alignment and wheel balancing just like a car. We can also share the central role without beefing each other just like Aubameyang and Lacazette of Arsenal football club in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 . Hence, love is necessary in this context. Before writing this article I took my life out of my life in order to be sensible, so that at the end Elohim would answer me. Let us glance at what I think and feel about Elohim(God) as I put it below:

There is something supernatural about all things, but it’s as if science has taken over everything forgetting to applaud the right channel. The world is too perfect for her not to have an organizer, although science might apply the scenario of the big bang theory. Truth be told, this must have been triggered by something or a being. Yet, Elohim is silent, but I think he’s waiting for his time⌚.

This is not wrestle with the creator, but it’s to express my grievances and burdens as related to past and current happenings. It might also interest you to know that he has been a father and mother to many as said by some people. So, if Elohim is my father, then, I have the autarchy to purport to him. Isn’t it? In this letter I will ask some questions, but I won’t say what he should have done neither would I defend him, because he can defend himself . Hence, Elohim(God) a lot of things should be treated with urgency. This will lead to my letter below :

Dear Elohim,

I greet you with sincerity and how is heaven? I hope you are not coming soon? But if you are on your way, who am I to know? I am not an atheist, I am a moralist. The situations in this world is pathetic that is why I am writing this letter to you with a sadden heart which I know something will be done soon. The faith of many has been tinted with deception, they are in the state of doubt. Suffering has increased, especially some of your servants who are not teaching what is in the scripture.

They have changed the ways you laid, they made your labour to be in vain such that people who have been honoring your name through their manifestations have deviated from the strides of salvation. The mantra that keeps banging with alacrity is: where is their God? In your name they have destroyed some altars knowingly and unknowingly in order to get fame and money. Selfishness has established an entrance for egoism, at the end, they would say, “God understands” is it true?

In addition, there have been some notable discrepancies as regards the authority you possess, but I would ask one question that supersedes all: if God is good, how come this world is evil? This has caused many to disbelieve your essence and existence and their faith has turned to fate. You know it’s hard for one to believe you are, especially when such a being hasn’t been seen, howbeit, faith has to come and verify her authenticity.

Furthermore, some people who are rich are oppressing the poor without pity as they have assumed the throne of greatness by usurping it. I am really perturbed and if I don’t express my mind I might collapse internally which would have a great effect outwardly. What vision do you have for mankind? If I have realized mine, some are still battling with theirs. I think there is need for clarification, thus, he who can’t do it alone should be helped.

How about the pedophiles who are defiling children? Recently I saw a video online of a young girl twerking and some adults were jubilating and hailing her with happiness, yet how would pedophilia stop or be eradicated? The way she moved in that video could cause sexual attention and attraction. When are you coming Elohim? I hope you are still there?

Homosexuality is another common exhibition. Some have said, there is need for ‘a man to sex a man and a woman to sex a woman’. It is said that you have given us the term choice, which means, we can decide to take any decision so far it pleases us, but how true is that? Is it a scam or a truthful postulation accorded with the right decision? The fact is, this world is in corruption as she keeps feeling like a God to mankind. When is the date of your coming?

Honestly, I need to be sincere and speak on behalf of those who are willing to talk, but they can’t, it is not because they can’t put their thoughts into writing but the patient to express politely might lead to anger. The annoying part is the issue of comparison which has led many astray and some have committed suicide, saying they can’t cope with the oppression of life and her unfavorable dictum.

To buttress my points, some have assumed you are no more especially about the issue of “inequality”. That is, why is that some would have money and others won’t have? Some are able while some disable? If X should try what Y is doing he or she might face total condemnation, but why? Is the case that you have programmed all things? If condemnation is already created for some, why making them to play along?

You have been accused of partiality which I think it’s not right. If you were to be man I would have suggested an appearance in court to defend this allegation, but how would Elohim appear before man who he created?

How would a building be stronger than it foundation? If that should be the case, you need to come and shut the naysayers and those whose belief isn’t depended on you. Is that much God? I don’t think so.

I have a lot of questions, but I need to cut this letter short because in our contemporary society entertainment and nudity are the highest recommendation. I hope I have spoken? If there is need for you to contact me I am sure you know my name and where I stay.

Finally, God is not a Comedian of which I believe he would exercise his magnificence. Hope is reducing gradually, people have been carried away by materialism and Seriousness has escaped. Hence, Where is Elohim?

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