I wish I could reject the world at first but I had no choice, so I opted for this world. I never knew things will be pretty bad, if I had known I would have come as things so that the society will have nothing to say about me. As a human being I discovered one vital umbrella that is very synonymous to man and other things, that is,”the world “. Can we know anything outside it? As a matter of fact, I wanted to give up, but hope acted as a comfort to me, now hope has forgotten me.

      I sat at the balcony of knowledge, thinking and recollecting the scenarios of the past, may be I can see a reason why hope left without saying anything. Hence, I ask again, where is hope? I have humbled myself at the doors of humility, I have cautioned myself about the usage of my languages , I have cried and lamented with zeal but no one could feel my wounded heart. I have not decided but, I believe “hope” will reconsider me and attend to my issues. What will make me happy is when I sail through without distress, even happiness will have no choice than to cajole me for life without an inch of sadness.

   I have chosen to dance to the melodious songs of the gods because I wanted them to feel the wickedness of man. Willy-nilly,hearts have been perverted and demolished, all efforts must be rewarded with good bonuses but the stride of life is too short. Please you can ask for an extension if need be. Remember” hope ” is enjoying, at the eleventh hour when it is too late she will come  out to act as if she knew nothing, one will have no choice thus, familiarity will be a maxim of daily memory. I know hope is not dead but, where is hope?

Hope, I know you are, I know things might be hard now, I know you have given man a lot of chances. Give me  the last chance to sail through “

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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