In September 2000, I  lost my biological father to death. In October 2011,my diligent mother joined the same routine. I will always celebrate them in my heart. But, can they be honored or harmed? If celebrating them will make them happy, how will I verify this? If this will harm them, how will I know this? “— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


As a matter of fact, whenever I see some people celebrating their loved ones who have departed from this world through death,I see them as an empty entity, I am not saying that they are not in the right path. But, what I am concerned about is to  know may be the dead can be honored or harmed. If celebrating the dead will harm him or her then, there will be no need to jubilate while the victim involved is suffering endlessly. If this jubilation is making the  victim lamenting rigorously, how can we know that? Has anyone gone beyond to verify how the departed souls dance to the tune of their consequences? If this is verifiable, a practical aspect will be needed to  convince  the masses to embrace this reality. The same principle will be applied to know may be the dead can be honored. What I am saying might be strange to some people who have not witnessed a remembrance ceremony created for the dead, at first, when Mr X is dead you tend to mourn but, when it is time to mark his remembrance you tend to celebrate him saying, “if we do not celebrate him, he will be angry”. Who told you he would be angry or happy? This world of mystery will continue to marvel everyone, except, if mystery can define itself. Is it the case that the dead is still in connection with the living after departure?

” A chance should be given to ask the dead about this reality because only the dead can know how it feels not be.” – – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


I think in the land of dead there is death which makes the dead to die, if dead bodies are  allowed to speak then, we would know what it is. As words will not be enough to express the main secret behind the dead, what I am trying to discuss in this article is how the dead feels after departure , if I die, where will I go? Where will you go? As it may be argued that judgment awaits the dead in order to give a full detail on how they have spent their tenure while on earth. But, what I am saying is, can the dead be honored or harmed? Do spirits cry or feel remorseful when honored or harmed? I am yet to unveil the covered mystery, since it has been assumed that the dead is in connection with the people who are alive. If a person dies, is it the case that the spoken words by the society whether good or bad will affect him or her? If it will affect then, the dead can be honored and harmed. But, I am not saying this is the case, because it is yet to be verified, I am only expressing what I feel about the dead coupled with my existence as a living being. You are  not exempted from this act. Will you be honored or harmed when you are dead?

How about those who owe the dead when he or she was alive? If Mr X owes Mrs Y something, and Mr X dies. Will Mr X feel harmed or honored?.” – – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


How will the dead feel? As a matter of fact, I am expressing with a curious mind , the world is too sweet, whether dead or alive. Who cares?” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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