Has she forgotten what she caused in different families and tribes. She gave lamentations to some and later she went ahead to cause more grievances into the vicinity of people whose sadness haven’t been cured. Yet again, fear became a torture to the extent that she can’t cause fear thus, even fear is afraid of fear.
    The time has come for this great retaliation to operate with brutality and aggression coupled with the total annihilation of death. She hid herself, thinking no one will see her, unfortunately, there will be no pardon or mercy. If mercy is shown then, she will come back to take away lives hence, don’t give her liberty.
   I  See death crying and begging for mercy. I can’t believe she can beg because I thought she’s untouchable. As a matter of fact , as soon as she was caught, she made a promise not to kill mankind again but we must not be deceived because death won’t take bribe even corruption has no place to hide.
    With this short aphorism, I hope few things are gleaned for consumption. Don’t be surprised when a sudden disaster occurs, it will be like a green casket.
    By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
   “Death is always knocking at our doors, don’t even think we are free”

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