I was hooked by the calamities occurring within the society. I was bored thus, this

boredom gave me a pen to write anything I can. The atmosphere is convivial enough to think judiciously may be life will permit me to have a long-term, since it has been assumed that life is too short.
   Let tears and happiness be ceased, if possible they should be sent to exile because they have brought nothing but nothing. We have tried to define the essential thing they tend to preach but their sermons were like a dirge. No doubt, we are aspiring to be successful even failure is losing hope because they are no candidates, hardwork without critical thinking will yield nothing.
    Gratitude should be shown because we are still part of life. Although, all cannot be on the enthrone of life, it’s a privilege to be in stride where there are destinations but one destination is always right. If a video of the past is to be reverted we would know, why wrong is wrong, and why right is right.
    Once clarification is given to a nation then, there is no need to create laws to scare the citizens. What I am saying may be strange but as time approaches those visions we have been expressing will be known one day, if the day is not taken by the unknown.
    I am nothing, I am begging for knowledge.

Akinrulie Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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