Just like a mad man, I want to do the same thing, I want to be free and be free and be free all over again, but then I woke up this morning and I roar “I want to be free and be free like a bird” and suddenly a flying bird pooped on my head and went away with it, and then I said to myself, no matter how free I am or how free I want to be, there would be consequences to justify each action that I take as a free person.
When will I be free? When will all of these come to an end? The trials, the tribulations, the turbulence, the hardship, the hatred in my society, my own conscience, when will I be free from restrictions and limitations?

The word freedom has been unilingual for so many decades, freedom is said to be an innate, a property we all inherited right from our birth, if freedom is said to be a property we all inherited, then I ask myself, if man is said to be free, why is chain everywhere?Many people talked about freedom,many people sang about it, many people preached about it and for once, I have never come across a single soul who preached against freedom, because to be free is to be happy, to be happy is to live a great and a worth living life.

People like Nelson Mandela fought for it and in the process of fighting for it, so many lives were lost. No matter how we fight, CAN WE REALLY BE FREE? Remember Nelson Mandela fought so hard for freedom and was never free, until a very old age and died, though his legacy still remains, but many of the things he fought for are no more followed and some not in existence.

A global musical act by name AKON in one of his humoresque titled “FREEDOM” and he said in the falsetto:
‘Everything I have, everything I own, all my mistakes you already know but I wanna be free and he continued by saying `if you wanna be free, and the land is drug free, put your hands up, put your hands up.If you wanna be free from all your misery, put your hands up, put your hands up and if you wanna be free with plenty money, put your hands up, put your hands up.’
This question has been bothering me for a very long time but who will I ask? So I have to ask from freedom itself. So Freedom, tell me, when will I be free?
But before I go deep, meet the writer
Olawaye Opeyemi hails from Ado local govt. area of Ekiti state, He’s a philosophical writer coupled with various fields just like Fredriech Nietche, he is a musician and a fashion Enthusiast. Kindly follow him on instagram @merlinpylomo


According to oxford dictionary, Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants, the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. Well, many of us will say freedom is an absolute right. IS IT AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT? We are born free, but if I may ask, are we really free? Freedom is defined from different aspects, different cultures, freedom varies from one culture to another. Freedom is the right to do what we want, live where we want, eat what we want, learn what we want and choose the religion we believe, without ignoring or harming other rights,then, I need to ask myself “What is free about freedom?”

Freedom that is limited to the poor, Freedom that is only designed for the rich and the high people in the society, Freedom which favours the leaders and forsake the followers, as a Christian I cannot even practice my own religion while in some northern parts of the country, it is a must I compel to the kind of religion they practice in such an area, for example, there are some parts of the northern area that if you practice another religion that contradicts to theirs, you will be killed, meaning if I am in sokoto, it is a must I behave and act like I am from Sokoto, but why can’t I be in Sokoto and enjoy my freedom and be fain without having to act like I am from Sokoto.

But truth be told, for I am always in trepidation for my own freedom because freedom is indivisible, and when one man is enslaved, all are not free, freedom cannot be bestowed, it must be achieved and if we are not ready to die for our freedom, then we should take the word freedom from our vocabulary. Man is condemned to be free because once he is thrown to the world; he is responsible for everything he does, you can’t blame anyone else, you can’t claim you had no choice because you very clearly did and you have to live with it.
We are in a facinorous world today, and sometimes I sit back and have a deep thought and ask myself, IS FREEDOM REAL?

It is a fallibility to say I am free in this world, a world designed to oppress the poor, a world where the poor is been captured and jailed for acting freely or expressing his thoughts.
I WANT FREEDOM, but it is in special cases that we can ask whether a man is free. Of course, I am not speaking of a man who is in captive or serving a sentence in jail. In some countries, citizens are not allowed to speak out their thoughts about certain things or to express criticism of the state. And in such a country, we can categorically say that there is no freedom and hence, the citizens are not free. Where a man cannot say what he thinks though he realizes that a great deal turns upon his doing so we say he is not free. He may for instance, hold a position of responsibility and yet be handicapped by an irresistible need to placate his colleagues. Such people are referred to as Figureheads.

To be free is beyond waking up, eating, grabbing a cup of Trebbiano and having the ability to walk around without anybody questioning us.
Your freedom is not free, that is a fact that people including the next generation should understand and remember, that there were people who never knew us but fought for our freedom to live without fear, without being discriminated and be able to express our thoughts.

In conclusion, we always have special reasons for asking whether a man is free or not. Our interest is practical and our concern is with specific occasions and we usually assume unfreedom to be the exception rather than the rule. The assertion that a man is not free on this or that occasion, therefore, carries the suggestion that everything is not as it should be. We always assert a man is free, where there is the suggestion that he may not be.

When we take an interest in a man’s freedom, we are usually concerned with his decisions and actions. But, it is not only when he wants to do something, decides or does this and that, that we can say a man is unfree. He could be Unfree in the way he behaves or responds, for instance, or in his thinking, generally speaking, a man is unfree when he cannot do what he wants, or when he does something out of fear or because he is forced, or feels forced to do it and would not have done it at all.

WHEN WILL I BE FREE? Probably not in this life that I am living in, When will I be Free? Probably after death, or in my next life.


Oluboyede Adedamola Oluwaseun is an indigene of Ondo State,who hails precisely from Akure south local government. A civil engineer,a musician, and he also has an impeccable writing skill. Writing is part of him that he would like to show to the outside world.

This is a question that resonates right in my head, every single time life throws different obstacles and challenges at my face. Sometimes I think it’s just my thoughts playing with my emotions as everything seems to be an unending mirage,a clear picture of what is,what should be but in reality.

If freedom was a man,he would be a womanizer that fathers too many children of which he won’t even remember all their names,with his children all over the place he won’t be able to claim them all,thereby making it so hard for any human to attain a state or total freedom as those who have financial freedom are struggling for psychological freedom and vice versa which brings me to the conclusion that total freedom is a shade of many colors embedded into one.

Talking about human wants and needs,I have come to a clear conclusion that it is insatiable,we have been programmed in an ‘olivertwistic’ kind of way,we always want more and those who want more never have total freedom,the drive to see the end of a chapter will always bring us to the beginning of a whole new phase of life,there’s no end and no beginning to an unending cycle. We all grew up with no responsibilities;innocent ,free and devoid of life’s negativity,misconceptions, mischief,dreams and aspirations. As we grow through life,we lose our innocence which takes freedom farther away from us.

Yea … Freedom is a burden and to be under someone is bondage. The burden in freedom is the responsibility that ultimately comes with the freedom we so desire.

Like I once said ” you can have freedom without responsibility, but not for long, because the first thing an irresponsible man does with freedom is to give it away”.

Therefore the freedom we seek is a continuous improvement of ourself as individuals. Moreover, the improvement we needed is set before us a closed door with many other doors behind the closed door that require different key and until we open the door presently in front of us, we don’t even know which is the next door and what key is required.

Then, it is better said that freedom is in continuum and we can’t, because we don’t know what challenges the next level of freedom brings, then, will choose to be stagnant.

Abraham Maslow (Theory of hierarchy of needs) has already highlighted these levels ( you may need to read it up) So, until we die, we keep improving and we keep attaining another level of freedom. For we understand that the Stamp is real, thus we keep moving to avoid being trampled upon.

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