Open those gates and let people enter, they wanted to, not because they have decided  to embrace that path. This real illusion became a quest for mankind  when all roads were obstructed without notification hence, the only way to survive is to discover different authenticating theses which will put Mankind back on track.
    As time approaches they thought they  have found  a home for all thus, they became distracted by a penny which really impaired their hearts. They lamented for many years thinking the problems from nowhere will be resolved rather they became a rock from different rocks. It became a seasonal film coupled with unending series. Which way will man take? Who he’s  ready for the sacrifices?.
  Tears was happy to see the exasperation of mankind because the houses were full of agonizing dilemmas. All eyes were opened in order to see the next thing on board, at the end, futility was also happy to have taken part in the feast of atrocities. Yet, they clamored again, “open the gates of hell”
    When tiredness becomes a regular mantra then, the only option created is to take part in that path. Words of wisdom don’t exist, they are mere words and words. As for those who think, well and truly, it is necessary. Let thinking rescue herself.
  By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
  “If haters don’t exist then, we can’t succeed”

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