Many years ago a battle was fought although man was not present to witness the huge disagreement. This feud made the unseen to establish a covenant, she greeted the world in a harsh and aggressive manner. She wore a cloth and clad herself with an  element of deception, she has only one mission to accomplish. All what she has been clamoring for, is equality amidst heavens and earth but, this turned into a rift which cannot be settled. If we are preaching about “forgiveness”. Where should this start from? Yet, man became the crux of suffering under a draconian law.


    This is a battle between two kingdoms, and they are fighting for  a nation. It is assumed that one of these kingdoms has a predominant power to quench anyone but, her silence can be provoked to anger. May be, this is a film we must not be surprised when it is being played for man. Why creation in the first place? Man is suffering for nothing. He has  been deceived, thinking, he has the freedom to question all, until he was given a strong warning about his stand in the world. Remember they are everywhere looking for a good consumption which will give them fame. Is this free or freedom?


  “I have spoken the reality, I know this article might look strange but, I wish I could write extensively, the reading culture is an obstructor to some. Man’s stand in this world is yet to be verified, he is just living, although he might be conscious about is salubrious society but, things will be known when the time comes ” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


  If men of prognostication are defeated. What will be next? We would have no choice than to search what is not, yet, if we are static we  would be blamed for our reluctant notion. Always have this in mind that,” We are not who we are”

                   WHO ARE WE?

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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