I could hear the voices of no hope. I could feel the pains in hell through the earthly fire. I could see that the darkness which is about to happen to this  world is absolutely real with certainty. Even tears is regretting about the mission given to her. I am having a feeling, a feeling, you can’t feel. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 

   When all things are gone, what will be next? If we should assume that all things in this world are ordinary then, beyond will be useless. Did  we come into existence spontaneously? I am sure nobody will respond to this question by saying, ‘we came suddenly’. As a matter of fact, I am really worried about a place called “HELL”. Some people have argued that hell is not real, and if one is dead no judgement will be given. This has caused controversial speculations as regards the place of hell. Is hell real? If it’s real, where is it located? Heaven? Or where? The secrets of hell won’t be shown to many but few, you won’t be forced to believe the reality, keep doubting until it becomes real. Are you willing to think?  

   It is very pertinent to note that, if hell is not real, then, evil won’t come into existence. Hence, hell is real, if not, good would have no opposite called, bad. How did I know that hell is real? In rumours will you find an element of truthfulness, in fact, a rumour is a basic thesis of truth. Perhaps, if hell is not real, why do good? You can’t be doing good for nothing, there must be something yet, what I have observed for many years is that, nature don’t lie. There is a supremacy somewhere dictating the rules and regulations which nature must obey. I doubt,  if the hell in us will be able to tackle, the hell that is coming. Hell will be happy to accommodate all,a comfort zone in disguise. 

   I speak in parables and aphorisms. I don’t need to breakdown my claims. When Jesus Christ was alive in the flesh he expressed himself in parables, and if you are not coded, excellence might demand to evacuate herself. This has been the case of hell hiding under the canopy of goodness in order to win the hearts of people. If it has been said that, the kingdom of God is everlasting, how about hell? Don’t you think it will be an everlasting one? When you die for something that something might decide to help, when you die for nothing then, nothing will help you. Perhaps, hell will always be laughing 

       Lock the gates of hell. Give us the last chance to  obey the stipulated words. I know your fury is full but, remember you created us not for destruction but, to be your children in your Kingdom. If you destroy us, you have nothing to lose but, we have something to lose. Most people don’t realize this because of the free life given to them which will be accountable one day. I know as I am writing you are with me, investigating and monitoring my expressions. I know you won’t watch us go astray, I know you are trying all your best to save people, if all could dwell in your Kingdom I will be ecstatic. I am pleading for mercy. Please save us. Will you? 


  I am  not a preacher, I have only expressed my innatism. I am expecting something special whether it is real or not real. I believe life will be sacked one day, we can’t just pass away like that. Forever is not forever, surely, it will be over – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Opeyemi. 

               “READ, STUDY, THINK.” 

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