“How can I verify what I don’t know ?  I wish I could go beyond, in fact, if an opportunity is to be given to me I would verify some, not all. Yet, the issue about knowing the unknown will remain a mystery for man, until this is verified  the quest continues ” – – – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


   From the above quotation we can ask ourselves the same question about transcendental notions. There is no doubt everyone has a belief which is synonymous to spirituality. Can we dispute that? Have we not imagined what are beyond?  If we have not thought of them, this might be the greatest lie  we have ever committed. In as much as we think about what are there and what are not there, this question will always come in a glance : What are beyond? Let heavens and earth be ready as the quest of human knowledge will continue to radiate within mankind.


    I wish I could unmask myself may be I would know the true reality attached to life but, I was told that the only way to verify is to go beyond. Will I board a plane or  a jet?  Who will take me there? Is anyone available?  These questions might look ridiculous, these are questions that should be taken with a serious notion. The origin has  been covered thus, unveiling this authentic reality will demand a quest of transcendental intervention. As a matter of fact, where can we start from? Who will  help man?  Several theses have been propounded to detect the true story of transcendency . This ended in futility.


  Fix your wings may be you can fly like a bird to the other worlds to know what you have not been thought. Remember you must come back to give a report of what you saw, you must return with alacrity because your lateness might make people to reject all. But the transcendence of no return is coming, and this is not in the sense of religion. This will be in the sense of what you don’t know.

     It might be now, are  you ready?

Do not complain about the shortage of my articles, you know about the reading culture “——-Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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