It’s very important to scrutinize  how some people are being exploited in this contemporary society, however, some pastors who are ingenuine  still fake their identity because they know that the problem of man is spirituality. In addition to this, these pastors have lifted themselves to the apex of everything which allows pride to be ecstatic everyday, but they forgot their origin and they became intoxicated by money. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.

  For how long would mankind sit under the shade of deception? Where is the transparency?  As a matter of fact, I am not afraid to speak the reality. If I die, I will face my own judgment whether for good or bad, not saying anything at all would result to judgment as well. Let pastors, prophets, apostles, evangelists and other ecumenical beings say where tithes go to. How many poor people have they helped? Numerous or little?

I won’t castigate any body as I would be straight in my arguments, not in terms of fighting, but in terms of debatable conversations. Yet, where do tithes go to? Is the church an establishment for profit making?  You see men of God as the messiah. Whatsoever they say always become your mantra, even if it would cost you a lot of money. Howbeit, you have failed to ask questions since they are God-sent, but as far as I am concerned all human beings are subjected to castigation.

They have been using different methods to usurping your little income, yet you are still poor. For years you have been in the struggle, but what you keep hearing are as follows : prosperity is yours. You can do exploit. You can break the chains. Etc. Have you asked yourself this question : why am I at the same spot? It’s not the case that you have not done the needful, but you see yourself as a slave to some pastors and other ecumenical beings. Have you not heard this? The truth will set you free.

   You have been living in a canopy of deceit. Is it not better to give the tithes to the needy? Is it not preferable to give your tithes  to orphans? How about the internal displaced persons? They have been preaching about the fear of God, but do they fear God? They will quote a particular verse which is so cmmon : Malachi Chapter 3 vs 10.  The whole congregation will be convinced after the sugarcoated utterances by their pastor, thinking that after the submission they will be in abundance. What a pity! As I put it below :

The people are credulous about this, they think they are satisfying God with the tithes, although they are. But, some people have abandoned love, in lieu of this, they have elevated tithes as a superior means of seeking the face of God. The instructions about His coming have been quenched all in the name of MONEY, POWER AND FAME. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.                                                   

   Most pastors now emphasize solely on tithes as if it’s their mandate. As a matter of fact, tithe is not money only, it involves other things. Truth be told, some people are being deceived because they fear God, but in most cases these pastors are seen as  supreme beings with a divine edict. For years, the status of some pastors has been perturbing my mind, in such a way that they have elevated themselves like a narcissist. Howbeit, I am not in the position to judge, but let them continue to deceive the people. The voodoo will dispel and the people under their ministry would be set free. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

  Since they have claimed that God called them to heal people with disability. How come they are still in that condition? They are not concerned about the salvation story anymore, but ‘tithe’ as regards to money is their basic sermon. Here are my questions :

Is it not strange that every Sunday when you go to church, after praising and worshipping plus a sugarcoated sermon. At the end, it will be ‘tithes and offerings’, even the poorest of all would give, but have you forgotten that some people borrowed money to come to church, yet they keep exploiting this naive people. The questions are,must tithe be in form of money? If it should be money only, how about those who don’t have money? Money has made it difficult to recognize good pastors. Hence, the truthful ones are not exonerated. 

 In addition to this, if you are a prominent person in a given society or country, then the front seat is yours. You will be rated extremely and be seen on social media like a god. The term tithe has been bastardized, I wonder if God is coming soon. I have been pondering about His judgment, perhaps no one is free yet. But my crucial pain is, how some pastors tend to secure themselves as political leaders, therefore using security men to guard  themselves,in such a way that, one must strive before seeing them. If I may ask, was Jesus Christ a private person when he was on earth? Did he make life difficult for people? 

  From the above questions some people might argue that during Jesus Christ era there was no cogent civilization, I agree with that, but did he not live a life of humility and simplicity? Perhaps, humility and simplicity shouldn’t be affected by civilization, they must portrait their usefulness. Yet, after using several dubious strategies to collect money from the people their humility will be auto-tuned to pride. Are they pastors or politicians?

I know I might not be making sense to some people, as they might be thinking that I am a messenger sent by the devil. But, must we see the truth and hide from her? I have been in the state of silence for many years, yet  some pastors have enthroned themselves as the owners of people’s income. Are they seeing Christ as their supreme mentor? I don’t think they are, but who am I to judge, I am just an ordinary writer trying to share my views as regards the execrable conditions meted by some pastors on the naive masses.

Things have really changed as Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua puts it, they promised the most high that their  humility won’t partner with stupidity, but they have been infected by material things and they have forgotten their ‘true call‘. In lieu of this, they have made their thoughts and decisions to become superior. What gain would it be at the end? 

      The time is coming when the masses would invade the church and question the pastors about their tithes and offerings, people would think it’s insanity,but time is waiting for  a call as transparency has been bribed and her expressions has been dwindled and ridiculed without an appeal, is it not obvious that the priority of some pastors is to safeguard themselves before considering their members. As the case may be, pride has become a normalcy within them, even the members respect them by worshipping them like GOD. 

  Who can take God’s glory? The term “I AM” is now theirs. They have made it an obligation that ‘tithes’ must be paid. I understand that the church needs to  be funded in order to put some things in place, but it should be unacceptable when some pastors are addressing  themselves like GOD and making all things compulsory. As a matter of fact, only GOD knows who is  serving him.

How I wish I can continue with these views, but it won’t change anything. Even in life, not all words will transform  people. I am not trying to judge Pastors or men of God, but if care is not taken all churches will become a worldly paradigm. Well, I have tried my best at this point, it is left for you to decide what you want and whose slave you want to be. As I put it below :


Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua argues, ” evolution and revolution have signed an agreement to storm the world and her occupants, but as regards the issue about ‘tithe’, man is trying his best to rationalize within the concept of his thinking. Whether you pay it,  or not, that doesn’t mean you would be poor or rich. Believe me, some pastors are using these tithes for themselves only. I am not saying you shouldn’t pay your tithes, but you must free yourself  from mental slavery. Stop being dependent, be independent, because your mind is who you are. 



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