When will she return? When will she activate her consciousness? Innocent souls are suffering and dying. What we are waiting for  is her return, so that she will rescue people from calamitous dispositions. The only thing I have always wanted is the true thing behind the establishment of this world. I wish I could erase the term, “World”, and I would know may be it will exist without that name, however, we have been thinking about metaphysical imaginations which will not cure, but prevent us from knowing why true is truth.

      We have clamored for her return, but all the invitations were rejected because she has the power that supercedes all. Yet, we are rejoicing in  distress because we have no choice. In addition to this, she’s in another realm of exhilaration enjoying herself with no aim of coming back. We have put our trust in her, she can’t betray us. At end, tears became happy because it has seen a place to hide itself. Show no mercy, and don’t be too altruistic, compassionate, and kindhearted because all these will be categorised into the arena of vanity.

    “As for those whose intelligence have been engraved without a code of nothing. I hope they are prepared to face the consequences which were told to them before accepting the rules and regulations. They have sat on that thrones for too long we could not see, because we are in a world where spiritualism and kardecism are prioritised ”  – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Free yourself from deceptions , and let what you know emerge as the overall. The main aim of life is for man to think, if everything were to be solved then, the existence of man won’t be needed. What time will she come? it’s getting late.

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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