What do we seek? Failure or success? War or peace? Comfort or discomfort? We have reasoned within the capacity of our thinking but the same questions will keep repeating themselves . As a matter of fact, what future do we tend to create for our children? If the world will come to an end it will surely start from some where. I once gazed at heavens, after a critical examination I concluded my thinking by saying, “let the world be vacated”. If we can reason in a speculative and descriptive sense then, the orientation won’t be the world we are seeing, but, we must not be obstructed by the films formulated because they are called “dramatic distractions”.


Opportunities will always come but,at times we have to  put what we have into analysis. Have we ever thought of the ending part of everything? Is it the  case that all things including man will end their quest?  This subjective stride will depend on what we have done so far, whether good or bad. It is assumed that when good things occur we always jubilate but bad things connotes an unpalatable thing. The moment is coming when bad things will be good, we would have no choice but to accept the ways which will bring about happiness.
    I hope we are not sleeping, if we are, we must be awake, and  revive our dead consciousness. I will always speak may be, this is my path to what I don’t know. Surely, we have one purpose which we have been assigned to fulfill, it will be accomplished one day. Listen carefully because the date has been announced but vice versa.

      “My analysis should not be strange, if I have the power and freedom to travel anywhere, it will be a place where anybody won’t be able to assess”.

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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