What is life? This is not to create some arguments about life, after all, life is what it is. I would explain judiciously for the benefit of the audience, in as much as some of us are willing to learn and progress. The way this life works still baffles me as a writer. Although I love to write and I have tried as much as possible to eradicate this skill, but it is as if nature can’t be cheated. Hence, as Jesus Christ puts it, “Let thy will be done“.

We tend to think about life and how the world has been unfair to us. We want to be rich and wealthy, no one wants to be in abject penury. I am sure that everyone is egoistic in nature, therefore, we tend to consider ourselves before others which is in the human nature. No doubt, life has no limit, the human life is.

What is happening in our contemporary society today isn’t caused by God. As a matter of fact, why are we blaming God for all these things? I told the world to rebrand and give us a new life which sorrow will never come into, she said, death is still at work, so the newness of life isn’t certain.

We have different problems we are battling, some are not meant to be spoken, especially when social media has been seen as a Zenith of settlement. Even people who are meant to be corrected would also be present to sugarcoat everything. Is it not advisable to find a trusted friend? Can this friend be also trusted? Perhaps, the human nature is always a huge factor.

If you have money you need to be influential and if you don’t have money, you need to get money. If you don’t have money that is another stage of oppression. He who has no money would be ridiculed in the society even when such an individual speaks people tend to shun and abandon him even if his words are meaningful.

In our contemporary society today, meaningfulness in the hands of rich and meaninglessness is in the hands of the poor. No wonder Nigerian youth are angry, some, if not all have vowed to get this money at the expense of their lives. Who wants to be oppressed? Who wants to be ridiculed? Who doesn’t want a luxurious life? That is why money ritualism has become numerous and everyone wants to have this money whether this source is right or wrong, it’s left to you to decide.

Akinrulie Opeyemi speaks, “at times I feel some things aren’t right. I have tried to question the essence of my existence, how I wish I could just be on my own without interference. This is a world where only money and influence can speak. If your connections aren’t concrete you are nothing. Hence, power has become a must have and money has a major role in this journey. Aren’t you tired of this world?“.

At some point, we would realize the meaninglessness of life, because life derives pleasure in giving us herself , but the end is always sorrowful. After life has finished her duty what she does is to make people irrelevant when they are alive, after their departure from this world, true importance will be given to them. Is it not the case?

In this world always be careful of friends who tend to be happy with you outwardly, but their inward notions are bitter towards you. Although, this is a normal scenario happening in life. How can we alienate ourselves from these friends? Remember, selection is not the best option, even the selected ones could still betray. Who is to be trusted?

Have you ever been accused? Has anyone said to you that you are purposeless? As a matter of fact, love is not harsh nor aggressive. When one has true love it’s hard to maintain, because the calmness that love has can’t be maintained by mankind. Love is not anger, can we prove love through out life without getting angry? I don’t think so, the spirit is willing but the flesh is killing.

How about dreams? These are not the dreams you have when at sleep but dreams in the context of reality. Every man has become a futurist as he tends to visualize all things within him. He wants a life of goodness with no obstruction. He wants a world where joy will dwell forever. Hence, life is good but death is the cheat. The joy of a man is to be successful through out his life, in a case of this world, life received bribe so that she could oppress us. Have you ever wondered why?

The aforementioned question has led many to captives even some have not been able to survive psychological, it has become a life time trauma. What, then, is the way forward in this life? It seems to me that big dreams don’t last. People who are diligent with good hearts are often truncated by life, it is as if when a man is alive, “life and death” are always meeting discussing about who to live and who to die. Who is next will be unveiled directly or indirectly, but it’s good to do good.

When you think about death you tend not to do anything because that alone can demote and destroy your belief, you would ask yourself, why am I doing all these? Nonetheless, keep your dreams alive and chase them, when death sees your zeal she would leave you because you are valuable on earth. On a serious note, big dreams don’t last, but if you have a dream hold on to it and if you have many let them be on your mind. Remember, how deceptive this world is. This is what you must do if you want your dreams to be realized.

what are you dreaming about? To be a lawyer? Doctor? Business tycoon? Etc. I could see your dreams are numerous and gargantuan, but you parted ways with those dreams because of your situation and condition. Hence, you embraced that which is not of you. Yet big dreams don’t last. At times the world affects your continuity towards achieving your goals, but that doesn’t matter, progress is all you need and let comparison be ejected from your heart.

However, when people say you are not productive and scrupulous, don’t let that weigh you down. A time is coming when those words spoken to you would be forgotten, but remember that no matter what people do to you always forgive them as this is part of the criteria to actualizing your dreams,although justice is there for those who are willing to take it further.

I went back to dream the dreams I have dreamt, those dreams didn’t last. It became a jocularity and a bewildered phantasmagoric display, I sighed within and I said, where are all my dreams? Is it the case that big dreams don’t last? Some would say, big dreams do last, don’t forget some people whose dreams have been tarnished all in the name of money and no money, parents and no parents ,relatives and no relatives,proper guidance and no proper guidance. We may say that, for big dreams to last it depends on oneself. Isn’t it?

How do you intend to create your dreams without God? Yes, one might argue that it’s normal to carry God along, but this normalcy led mankind astray and he was cast out to pursue his dreams all by himself without his maker. Hence, he has returned to his source, but the only way to realize his dreams is to seek God even when he hasn’t done anything. This is faith, not fate.

Well, I wish I could go further, but I always try to cut my expressions so that it won’t be too long. At this juncture, imagine your dreams, imagine where you would like to be, don’t rush things and if the time isn’t right, you won’t get it right. If big dreams don’t last, then make yourself last. If you are, you can. Yet big dreams don’t last.


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