Everyone wants to be loved, to the extent of showing a caring act if necessary. I have wondered if ‘love’ is in existence, even ‘love’ has no place to stay. Who will be the household?” – – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


   Have you forgotten those who promised to be there for you? Love has become a playlet used for dramatic dispositions, if love can transform into a human being, many will forget their consciousness. If the sins of the past will be revisited then, love is not love, since it has  been assumed that love erases the past. What I am saying might not be meaningful but, this should be kept in a room called ‘thinking’. When a true love comes even, love will disappear without traces. Yet, is love really love? Must it be something that must be felt? There are times you tend to love someone but, you can not explain it, love can make you forget its own foundation. If I had chosen love as my partner for life then, this will imply, “everything should be nothing and something should be everything”. As a matter of fact, love should not discriminate or cause disagreement in human society yet, tribalism, religious conflicts, hatred, nepotism, and so on, can not be quenched within the umbrella of humanity. What is really wrong? Where is love?

     “When love is not in existence, hatred will exist. What if ‘love ‘ and ‘hatred’ were not in existence, will mankind be in existence? What will happen to man?” – – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


   Why must I show love to people? Why must I act as if I have love whereas my heart is nowhere to be found? Those aforesaid questions should also be given to the vast majority for consumption. If I were to be ‘love’ I will vacate the world in order to know my importance but, I hope more calamities won’t happen before I return. At times, you tend to show love to others but what you would get at the end will make you lament, if you want a better love, I think hell should be preferable. The crux of everything has been betrayed, we have been taken by the fake aroma of love. There is no one whose bag is filled with love without an element of hatred, you will be partially subjective in some, if not all. Tears should not be offended because I will borrow some things but, this time, it will be an advanced tears to cap all things. The love of mankind has reduced because mankind is filled with a deceptive decision. I have expressed with my unconscious mind, when the time comes the authentic nature will be favoured on meritocracy. Once again, where is love?


Love should not be the basic foundation,hatred might be strange but, it is a good thing for man. “— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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