Some people have argued that hardwork is success. But, how about the case where one has worked hard coupled with sincerity and veracity, yet, his or her  ability was rewarded with failure? What else can one use to verify hardwork, if not perception? Since the product of the mind can not be verified, I doubt if  perception will be an everlasting criterion. “— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


You have sat on that throne, thinking you won’t be defeated. You are always laughing  when destroying people’s life, you have thought within your heart that no one is greater than you since you are the determinant of your aspect. If your children won’t suffer the consequences, many generations in your tribe will glean all the calamities you have committed, even if I am not affected, I will express at the pinnacle of my voice. My punchlines are always rigid, if you can not comprehend them I guess suicide is always available anytime. Remember what you have planted in their hearts, you have ridiculed them through your words of sadness to extent that some gave their only hope to the world of no return. I thought happiness is always available but, when she heard all the stories she could not stay within the premise of the stony hearts. What have you achieved? What have you gained in that destructive life? People who have depended on hardwork are now looking for other ways, instead of the only way.

What difference  does it make when meritocracy is given to perception?  Should they be nefarious because of what they have done to them? If education is truly a process of learning then, this must not be based on perception only. How about reality?.” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


I hope my family will be proud of me, I hope I won’t be castigated extremely, I tried all I could to be in the realm of those who are those. I was betrayed by nature because she failed to recognize hardwork as success, may be, her calendar has been changed.”— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

As a matter of fact, the aforesaid statement should also be digested by the reader. There are times when you have boasted within your heart in accordance with certainty that success is yours already but, futility is always your friend. Have you not thought of that? As time will be no more to express beyond because you are even getting bored at this moment, aren’t you? I can not blame those who pay wickedness for wickedness, since they have tried to wait for the intervention of a justifier who will give them comfortability. Even, an overseer will not try to mute his or her mouth in some cases, is there really judgement? Because some people act as if, there is none. If that should be the  case, slumber should be terminated, in lieu of this, pity should be ceased. What I am saying is that, if judgment will come, many people would have gone, few will be left with no words because of wicked past. You had no choice then, if not,you would have opted for retaliation, who will fight for you? Exchange of words might land you in a nonsense shame, although your nonsense might still make sense but, the journey might be too late.


If tears can not express my sadness, what else will I use? Many hearts have been shown the exit door, we pleaded for help like a barking dog, yet, our applauds were seen like a lost fish in a river. I am filled with words but, I can not detect the origin, I will continue  to learn till I die. Please teach me. Will you?. “— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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