Why is the world claiming she’s perfect when her mission is to remain gentle until the arrival of her destruction? Is there anyone who is perfect in this world let him or her signify by saying, I am so perfect. As a matter of fact, I am not saying that perfection doesn’t exist, but perfection connotes something without blemish or a thing that is not tarnished. If that should be the case, am I pure? Are you?

In other words, perfection means fautlessness or infallibility. Is this realizable? Some have argued about the establishment of this world, saying, if God is perfect why did he create an imperfect world? Is it the case that he did it so that mankind will flourish for the purpose of his glorification? Or this is synonymous to the word called deliberation?

What has perfection got to do with mankind? If perfection isn’t perfect, of what use is she in your life? Remember how you have criticized some people because of their mistakes, thinking you won’t fall again till eternity. You have assumed the throne of infallibility, you have concluded in your heart that you are perfect, not considering that your major stand in the world is not to claim perfection but to align yourself with some people with the aim of improving day by day. Isn’t it?

The race of perfection has become a must have, everyone wants to be the best as a result of that some tend to frustrate people to maintain their standard in order for them to be praised. You would hear some statements like, “I have been there. I once suffered like you. What’s special about that? You should follow my foot steps. Honestly, there is only one grace, but under that grace there is also another grace. Hence, perfection is a stronghold of daily agitation.

All in the name of perfection and infallibilism some people have lost their best workers and friends, saying, they are not good enough. If I may ask, is perfection really for mankind? If perfection is for mankind, how come death is the true definition of life? I feel since the world we are isn’t perfect, why should some people agitate for perfection? Let me ask you these questions : are you perfect? What has perfection done in this world? Despite her presence she hasn’t succeeded in ameliorating the problems of mankind. What is the essence of her existence?

We tend to see perfection as the apex of all things, but at the end perfection is always a betrayal. How can perfection reflect her infallibility in human beings? If all humans are subjected to mistakes, why should infallibilism or perfectionism be a criterion? What an illusion!! Perfection is an exposition created to release an energetic confusion within the systematic embodiments of human beings. Yet some people feel perfection is attainable. Is it?

I am not saying that perfection is a despicable act but what we need to know is that people aren’t the same. As a matter of fact, if a perfectionist would admit the aforementioned fact, then, he or she would live in a partial and systematic way. In other words, according to Bertrand Russell, “you have to admit that the world is horrible”.

In my own words : If the world contains inequality, remember you can’t make everyone equal, you can only clamor for equality but the realization is low. Truth be told, if there is a maker, don’t you think there is a purpose for everything? Everything is all about agitation, for something to be in existence means we must seek for it with extreme perfectionism and if that thing isn’t existing we tend not to bother at all. It’s not the case that we are tired, it’s because inequality is meant to be.

A perfectionist doesn’t settle for less as she wants her work to be the best. She wants to sit at the Centre of all things. She hates statement like it can’t be done. Her special ideologies and enormous reliable concepts would help in sharpening her followers or workers thinking towards achieving the impossible. Yet her insatiable thinking might disorganize many because people aren’t the same.

It’s very pertinent to note that I am not faulting the stand of a perfectionist but I feel one can’t twist the totality of a person except if he or she is willing to change. Essence should be shown not earned. If that should be the case, forcing people to be who you are would only aggravate them mentally. Hence, it would be a battle between self and the world you are coercing them to embrace.

Even perfection is not perfect. As I put it below :

I traveled to the world of perfectionism to examine the true nature of her existence because some people have taken this subject matter as a personal mantra. Some would say, perfection is attainable. Some would say, everything is possible if you believe. But the name of God is absent from those statements, how possible is it to be perfect without God?

The issue of perfection goes beyond our metaphysical acquisition. As a matter of fact, it’s a dilemma for mankind to ask about what’s not real and make it real. If perfection is attainable,death should be the first thing to be eradicated. Don’t you think so?

At this point, I have to relieve myself, perhaps you should decide your belief, but remember that there’s someone supervising this world because the world can’t just be if a being isn’t in existence performing an essence. If you wish to be a perfectionist become it, but never let pride subdue you. It’s a good thing to be a perfectionist,but one can’t have all, the All is the beginning of sorrow.

Finally, let he who is perfect amidst us rule forever. Is there anyone? Perfection should be incorruptible, when all things end one day the real perfection would be known. Till then, keep your illusion.

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