Some leaders are still acting like a megalomaniac being launching, an attack to the people who voted them. Instead of considering the welfarism of the masses, power intoxicated them, and they forgot the agreed promises. What a pity. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

      Tears won’t solve this issue even unity has failed to reconcile this bifurcation. The time given to them has expired, perhaps what will they proof again? If the citizens of a nation are seen as animals then, the people will be slaughtered one day. Moreover, these leaders want to be there forever and place their entire generation in power if possible yet, the future of the youths has been enveloped without an autarchy of retaliation. Where are we going? If one should think at the apex, insanity will be happy to  buy an apartment in one’s  life forever. 

      The brains of our leaders have been injected with backwardness because their hearts have been blurred by power, wealth, and money. But, all these things won’t live forever, a temporal concept created to deceive many. If I should acquire the world and dance to melodious tunes of this earth, what next? I have only succeeded in satisfying myself without considering the society. Only if we can think we would discover that there is nothing in this world. If that should be the case, what good deeds have you done? What good deeds have I done? 

    Remember that leadership is not for life. You will either, die or retire. The question is, what will people say about you? Good or bad? How will you envelope the future? The future should be opened to all but, in this contemporary society, there is a huge segregation between those who are and those who are not.  The leaders do not care about the citizens, they will come out openly with bravery but in their subjective world nothing will happen. Is this the kind of life we want to live? Truth in form of deception. What a shame. 

    No wonder the Igbos are clamoring for freedom and liberty in establishing their own country. As a Nigerian, what will I do? If I should rain curses on Nigeria, it won’t make sense. If I should pray that Nigeria should come to an end, I might be regarded as a tool of evil. Truth be told, Nigeria is divided. Even unity has departed long time ago,a David has become a Goliath. What a pity. I am sure that people reading this article from other countries will be bewildered by the these expressions. Do not be confused, I am only expressing my thoughts in a realistic notion. 

    Furthermore, the question you need to ask yourself is, if I am opportuned to be  in any position. Will I act in accordance with the rule of law or act above the law? This is the case of the aforementioned Country(Nigeria)  dwindling the rights of her citizens. Regrettably, the citizens are lamenting rigorously and their poor parents who are striving everyday to nurture their children are weeping under the atmosphere of inconveniency. Why is it so? Yet, these leaders are not concerned about that, all what they are dreaming of, is to be dominant till death. 

      In addition,a time will come when all memories will be investigated, some people will plead for mercy, but she(mercy) will  detach herself willingly without pity. Remember, mercy also has her own wickedness which always encompasses several prior warnings. The fake promises structured must be checked and corrected if not, the wrath that is coming will be unbearable. Once again, what a pity. As a matter of fact, I can’t perform than this  but the only way is, to express my thoughts in this article. Perhaps, who wants to die? 


       Those in high places should remember that life is not forever. They have given their children a qualitative education which will make them  be at the zenith of achievement and accompliment meanwhile, the masses are in the state of pejoration, struggling to earn a good living. Imagine they were to be in their shoes, how will they feel? Suffering has become a normalcy as imagined by these leaders. But, why? Whereas, some people are using this power for vengeance. At the end, the gain will be nothing but death. I would like to close this chapter, but the right colours will be known when the time comes. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

      “A nation should not be governed  by leaders who are cosmetic in a managerial existence with the aim of making profits. Leadership should be seen as a sacrifice, not a dictatorial dominance.” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

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