I would have loved to generalize,but I only know about my mind. Let me erase the past and create a new beginning and this will be an establishment for the future. If I can’t know your mind, then why should I guess without accuracy? Perhaps, in this stride of life one must embark on his or her journey individually. As you know that I will put myself as an example so that people examining this article can convert it into their perspective may be it will work for them. But as for me, I am just expressing the loneliness of my mind. How about yours?

I would be a fool if I should say my mind is empty, if my mind isn’t functioning, then my ideas would be no more. I have decided to talk to GOD in everything telling Him to express the reason why He created MIND for mankind. It should have been empty or another means should have been created, because it’s hard to distinguish between some animals and some human beings who tend to behave like the former. My point is, at times the loneliness of mind can provoke the mysterious animal in an individual, therefore contradicting the norms of society, people would think he or she is insane, but loneliness is the cause of the insanity.

Life has created an option of loneliness for me, she has given a doubtful mind to ask about everything except GOD. She has frustrated many people to sell their identity in order for them to be famous and rich in the game. As a matter of fact, when your mind is lonely you must be careful,because if you don’t occupy it, it will be occupied. Kindly listen to me and accept this fact. I know I am too young to advise people, who am I? I am just an unjust trying to be just. Lonely or not lonely always occupy your mind with good thoughts.

I have too many scenarios to give, but I prefer to be inherent in my expressions than to be a story teller whose intention is to cause jocularity. Let seriousness be in your mind and permit progress to dwell within you, at times the loneliness of mind can help to restructure yourself, perhaps a noisy spirit is not option. Yet, let me  ask you this question : is your mind lonely? If your mind is forlorn, then there must be something bad you are thinking. Can happiness ignite loneliness of mind? If happiness creates loneliness of mind,then she has betrayed what she is known for.

I know you have been betrayed,and this has made you to segregate yourself from some people. I know you have been cheated, and this has made you  to embrace a doubtful mind. I know your lover has disappointed you, but you can still love again. No matter what, you must forgive in as much as you are aware that there is a life after death. The loneliness of mind has destroyed many, may be life has failed them, that is, there are some certain things they have pictured, thinking, life will get them cheaply. As a result of that, they opted for ‘loneliness’.

Are you bored? Am I making sense? But I think you are lonely internally. At this juncture, take a look at  how mind works : As I put it below –

I know you know you have a mind of your own, your heart can’t picture anything only your mind can. In a situation where one says, ‘my heart is brokenyour heart can’t  be broken, but your mind can, in the sense that, she would be lonely and this will reflect behaviorally. No one can break your heart, but your mind. If your heart is broken, then your exit is certain. Hence, you are lonely because your mind is broken. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi

Furthermore, it’s a misconception to think that the heart and mind are friends, if they are friends, why are they performing different duties? In a nutshell, the heart beats,the mind speaks.

How often do you control your mind? Can you control it? What are the things you read and see? Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua explains, “demons can’t know your mind rather they operate through what you read and see in order to influence your mind. If you are defeated, then your mind isn’t exempted. This loneliness gives an avenue to your mind to seek for different options like depression, suicide, drugs and other delicate things.” As a matter of fact, when your mind is lonely, then the avaliable  can’t be rejected.

You can still love again, what has he or she done to your mind? I know it’s hard to forgive and forget, but let it go. As I put it below :

“X is  so sorry, X can’t forgive Y, because X’s  mind has been pinned. X won’t go back to reconcile or become a friend to Y again.  For how long would X continue to think like a child? Yet, X  would be preaching forgive and forget, deceiving people with sugarcoated utterances and this has aggravated X’s loneliness.” What I have explained in the above statement should be digested with critical thinking, because it will make no sense if X’s  mind is devilish rather forgive and forget, then move on. As I have always said eternity is our final package.

It’s a battle you must encounter, you can’t always be happy,but you have the freewill to choose either to be happy or sad. I know life  can be unfair at times, but when you think about the consequences waiting aftermath one would know how to invigorate oneself. Although the mind is simple, but you can’t go beyond her it’s either you humble yourself to know her or be defeated by your pride.

Well, I would like to express more but how can I go beyond my mind? It’s easy to activate the story of beyond all you need to do is, to be at where you are incapable. As a matter of fact, the writer’s loneliness of mind can’t be understood, but I believe the reader would be able to detect his or her status as regards the lonely mind. My lonely mind has given many ideas and secrets to unlock my hidden potentials. What has your own lonely given you? Hate? Deceit? Love? Thoughts? Or how to ostracize others? Yet, my mind is lonely, but it’s not the case that I am in need of a companion , perhaps I have my holy red cup may be someday I would see that imperfect one.

My time is up, I have to go. My moment is about to start,let me mute myself. I have to be left alone in order to think. All these are traders of mind. Would you rather be alone? Or accept that, it’s what it is and move on? Remember this : we can’t escape the normal establishment of this world. The mind works independently as programmed by God, it’s not the case that He has no power to influence your thoughts,but there is a way He created it in such a way that, He knows your thoughts and He uses His power to restrict Himself from penetrating. It’s like a restricted reminder.

If you have a lonely mind, happiness is the best option – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

An Akinrulie Opeyemi Dexterity

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